Little Giant WG-70 Pump
  Spec Sheet - 566077 Waterfall & Stream Pump


This pump utilizes a permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motor sealed in a stainless steel housing, 
which in turn, is surrounded by a plastic case. The PSC motor allows the pump to use less 
energy than other pumps of similar flow capacity. The motor also develops less heat; therefore 
the pump does not require oil internally. This pump is ideal for use in waterfall and stream applications, found in water gardens.


Catalog No. Weight (Lbs.) Discharge Size Volts Hertz Watts Amps Safety Approvals
566077 9.0 1-1/4" FNPT 115 60 300 3.0 CSA, NRTL/C

Physical Dimensions (in inches)

Catalog No. Height Length Width
566077 10.60 6.25 5.50


Performance Table

Performance Graph

Pump Performance
Head (ft.) Flow (GPH)
1 1950
5 1650
10 1100
15 520
20 0

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