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May 2004 
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  • Pond Algae Update...
  • Virtual Tour of Halo Ponds of South Florida
  • Water Hyacinths - A Great Pond Plant For Your Pond!
  • A Quick Note About Water Quality
  • Product Review - Introducing the NEW PondFresh PF-100

  • Virtual Tour of Halo Ponds of South Florida
    This month, we took an exciting trip to a nearby fish dealer, that also sells lilies and a wide variety of exotic palm trees. I visited Halo Ponds in North Ft. Lauderdale, mostly to pick up some water plants and a couple of algae eating fish, to combat my raging string algae problem (which is completely gone now - more about that later).

    As many of you know, the general 'rule' is an ideal number of plants in your water garden or pond is 60- 70% surface coverage by either lily pads, or other floating plants like Water Hyacinths or Water Lettuce. The purpose of this is to shield some of the rays from the strong summer sun, and to cut down on algae in the pond.

    Not everybody has this problem, but down here in Florida - it sure gets hot! The sun is very strong here, and in many other parts of the country, which can cause severe algae outbreaks - especially if there are no plants to help soak up some of these excess nutrients in the water. So, of to buy some plants we went!

    Here at Halo Ponds, they had a pretty good selection of tropical and Hardy lilies, marginals, parrots feather, etc. Here are some pictures of Halo Ponds, and their facility:

    Click here to read the whole story...

    Water Hyacinths - A Great Pond Plant For Your Pond!
    With vibrant green color leaves, a fragrant and beautiful purple flower, and the ability to soak up excess pond nutrients faster than a frog hops off a hot rock in summer - the Water Hyacinth is a great plant to add to your water garden or pond.

    Here are just some of it's benefits: They float, so you don't have to worry about planting them or dividing them when they get too big (they divide automatically).

    Hyacinths multiply like crazy, so you may only have to buy 4 or 5 and by the end of the summer, you will be giving them away to your friends.

    They get a gorgeous purple flower when they bloom, that has a sweet smell to it as it sticks 4-5 inches above the top of the flower. And most notable about the Hyacinth is it's fantastic ability to soak up excess nutrients in your pond, as well as act as a 'floating filter'...

    Read More About it...

    A Quick Note About Water Quality
    We've all been guilty of it at one time or another - but many pond owners get all stressed out and worked up about adding all the 'right' chemicals, additives, etc. to their pond, hoping that it will keep their fish healthier and happier.

    Not that there aren't some really good additives out there, but the bottom line is that if you just focus on keeping your water quality high, and your pond clean of debris and decaying organics - you should be in pretty good shape.

    Here are the essentials of good water quality:

    Oxygen - This is one of the fundamental elements that many pond owners ignore. Your fish can't breathe air like we can, so they need a high enough concentration of oxygen in the water to survive. If you are not aerating your water sufficiently, for example, by running a waterfall, fountain, or spitter, then you may be depriving your fish of the precious oxygen they need to survive.

    Continue Reading...

    Product Review - Introducing the NEW PondFresh PF-100
    We designed the new PondFresh PF-100 specifically for pond owners.

    This unique new water filter attaches directly to your garden hose and removes harmful chemicals from your tap water, including:

    Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metals and 45 other VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

    Featuring the Aquaspace Compound The PondFresh PF-100 uses a state-of-the-art filtering media, originally developed by NASA for use in it's space program.

    Learn More...


    Pond Algae Update...
    Last month we profiled an article entitle 'The String Algae Blues' where we talked briefly about some of the things you can do to get rid of that nasty string algae in your pond.

    We were using some of the old staples, like barley and some Microbe-Lift but it just wasn't doing the trick.

    Down here in the intense sunlight, we really needed something stronger and although I've never been inclined to use chemicals in my pond, this case called for something more powerful.

    After carefully researching this product, I decided to give it a try in my KOI pond...

    Here are the results:

    . Other great pond resources:

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