Pinnacle Filter
  Pinnacle Pond Filter by Fluidart® Technologies


The dual-valve Fluidart® Pinnacle filter is designed for ponds up to 25,000 gallons, using two energy-saving pumps instead of a single larger pump, filtering the maximum water volume with minimum energy usage.  Significant energy savings are accomplished.  The unique Hydra-Swirl design allows solids to be spun to the center of the vessel where they stay until the sludge drain is opened.  With the drain open and the pump running, solids are purged under pressure, fully removing waste in a few seconds.

Pinnacle® Filter

During backwash the Pinnacle filter utilizes Hydra-Thrust bead agitation, using forced air to agitate the beads and free up trapped debris.  Pinnacle filter head pressures rank among the lowest in the industry.  The filter's optimum flow sidemount valve is rated 5.5 psi @ 95gpm.

Other features:

  • Pressurized filter

  • All 2" plumbing

  • 2hp Hydra Thrust Blower - standard

  • Durable fiberglass construction

  • 1.5" Water Miser Drain low volume backwash

Valve Clearance Height Diameter Approx. Weight Ft³ Media
13" 46" 36.5" 490 9

Fluidart® Pinnacle Filter Product Manual - CLICK HERE

Item # Pond Size Max Description Our


25,000 gallons

Pinnacle Filter