Filtered thoughts from the Fish Pond Filter

Fishful thinking

Hi my name is Violet, and I'm a Koi fish, my friends call me Ultra.

As a fish pond owner, I thought you would like to hear something of what we go through. My owner is great. She installed a biological fish pond filter and saw to it that our water is always clear. We lived ok, although our fish pond was not in full sunlight and the pond size was bit big on the pump. Still I enjoyed the pond so much, I even moved in, living inside the fish pond filter! Boy I'll tell you, life is fantastic, and the natural view was great. Still nothing compares to the day I woke up and was shocked by the crystal clear water. I thought it had something to do with the summer, but then noticed the new submersible ultraviolet sterilizer. My friends all woke up in excitement that morning. At first we were worried, because we are all naturalists, and thought it might be harmful. But after just a few days, we realized that this is nature helping us.

The UV sterilizer made our life so enjoyous that we swim around like in a dream, and at night dream of our fish pond, as if its heaven itself. "Ultra, what do you think of the UV sterilizer" my owner asked me. I blew her a kiss, and she seemed to understand! Although people only open and close their mouths rarely, and cover their odors, I believe she actually understood me.
"You see, Ultra", she said, "the UV sterilizer with the fish pond filter -
thats whats called water quality."

I answered: "That's whats called 'quality of life'."

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Written on request of Violet
(also known as Ultra the happy fish)

by Brett Fogle, Owner
Macarthur Water Gardens


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