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September 2005 
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Fellow pond lover

Welcome to the September issue of PondStuff! We've got some great new articles for you this issue, including: tips on entering your Koi in the show, keeping your pond clean, choosing the water features to suit your needs and how storms affect your pond.

We're also announcing the winner of the 2005 Funniest Pond Story. Keep reading - you don't want to miss this funny tale. Happy reading!

In this issue
  • Entering Your Koi In The Show
  • Keeping The Koi Pond Clean
  • Koi Or Plants?
  • How Do Storms Affect Your Pond?
  • Funniest Pond Stories

  • Keeping The Koi Pond Clean
    The importance of keeping the pond clean, especially with koi, is something that cannot be stressed too much. The water should be "gin" clear. There should be no suspended particulate matter and the fish ought to look as if they are floating in air.

    The fish have to breathe and drink the water. To the extent the water is not clean, the fish will suffer. They literally have to live in their own toilet bowl.

    In nature, the ecology takes care of this for them. But our ponds are not natural, no matter how nicely we landscape and build around them. They are large in- ground fish tanks. They need a lot of filtration. Koi in particular, need excessive filtration. And much like a toilet bowl, the largest dirt settles to the bottom, so a bottom drain is imperative.

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    Koi Or Plants?
    When planning a water feature, many of us will imagine water lilies, lotus, cattails, and things like that. Then we think of putting koi in there. You couldn't make more of a mistake if you added milk and cereal to the pond.

    The different requirements are not even subtle. The plants require full sun, the koi need shade, at least part shade. The plants need calm water; the fish will do well in calm or fast moving water, the more filtration the better. The plants like to be left alone. The fish won't ever leave them alone.

    What do you really want as a water feature?

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    How Do Storms Affect Your Pond?
    With hurricane season upon us, take time to see how secure your pond is before storms strike.

    In general, the fish are not directly affected by rain, clouds, or sunny weather. They will be the recipients of whatever pollution the weather washes out of the air, like dust, pollen, and leaves.

    However, storms have a bigger effect on the pond's ecology.

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    Funniest Pond Stories
    The red carpet has been rolled out, we've all dressed in our finest Award Ceremony wear and we eagerly await the arrival of the accountant from PricewaterhouseCoopers with the official results.

    The nominees for the Funniest Pond Story 2005 are: "Dreaming of Living Life Like A Koi" by Andrea Duggan of Center Moriches, NY and starring her beloved husband, Joe. "The Robin Williams of Dogs" by Bruce Gaynor. Esq. of Clevland, OH. Starring the lovable Simon as himself. "The Case of the Unwanted Pond Guest" by Susan Bryan of Langley, BC. Special cameo appearance by The Rat. "The Wet T-Shirt" written and produced by Barb Luick. 2.

    I see that the accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers have arrived. Gentlemen, the envelope please.

    And the winner is....

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    Entering Your Koi In The Show
    It may not be everybody's dream to enter their pet koi in a show, but it is one of the hobby's finer moments and the single most important event in improving the quality of the fish. At a show we all see the best of the best, the fish that dreams are made of, and get to meet the men and women who brought these specimens for all to see.

    They are competing for trophies and ribbons. Their koi's pictures will be in the magazines. Their koi will be famous! There will be pats on the backs and pictures taken. The trophy will be put on the mantel. And afterward, friends will come to their pond and ask to see the fish that won the grand champion prize. . . Yes, it is a wonderful feeling.

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