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November 2004 - The 'short' issue 
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Fellow pond lover

Hi everybody,

Since it's almost winter, and getting colder in most parts of the country - we'll keep this issue shorter than usual..

But here are a couple of highlights: Be sure to check out this months 'Pond of the Month', take our website survey, and be sure to also see the 'lost' pictures in our Funny Frogs and Lizards series below...

in this issue
  • Website Survey Results
  • Special Thanksgiving Sale ... Final Hours
  • Keeping the balance of nature: Pond Water Maintenance
  • Funny Frogs and Lizards Update & More 'Lost' Pictures...

  • Special Thanksgiving Sale ... Final Hours
    In case you missed our recent Thanksgiving day promotion that we sent out on Thursday, the offer is valid through midnight tonight only...

    So if you need anything for your pond in the Spring, now would be a good time to stock up on your pond supplies...

    You can either take 10% your entire order, or get Free Shipping - but only for a couple more hours.

    For details, and to get your Thanksgiving Day Sale coupon codes, just click on the link below. There's also a really funny story about 'Where Pets Come From'...

    Click here to save 10% on your next order...

    Keeping the balance of nature: Pond Water Maintenance
    You might be tempted to let Mother nature tend to your backyard pond, and who could blame you? After all, she does a pretty good job of taking care of really big ponds, so why would your backyard ecosystem pose much of a challenge to her?

    Unfortunately, the fact is your backyard pond is only going to get some cursory attention from Mom; the rest of the work is going to be left up to you.

    In the "real world" chlorinated water doesn't find its way into ponds very often. "Big" pond water passes through a great many natural filtration and oxygenation systems, and the various fish and flora work together to keep the pond clean and fresh.

    Our backyard ponds don't have quite that much help, so here's where you need to step in:

    Read More About it...

    Funny Frogs and Lizards Update & More 'Lost' Pictures...
    When we sent this out in last month's issue, it was an instant 'readers favorite' -- but nobody bothered to tell us that the link at the bottom of page one ... took you right back to page one...

    I just happened to realize that by accident, as I was adding in a new hilarious picture sent in by a reader of her funny frog...

    At any rate, there was actually an entire second page of pictures, with some intresting lizard shots I took last summer (hence the title 'Funny Frogs and Lizards' in case you were wondering...)

    So, in case you missed it last month, or to view these 'lost pictures' ... and to see the new picture sent in by one of our readers, hop on over to the Funny Frogs and Lizards page by clicking the link below...

    Click Here For More Funny Frogs...


    Website Survey Results
    Wow! Almost 200 readers have filled our website survey in the past few days, and the results have been fantastic! Even better than we expected.

    We'd like to again thank everybody for taking the time to participate in our survey, it shows that you value the service that we try to provide (or was it because of my shameless bribe?)

    Either way, we do appreciate your feedback and any suggestions that you may have for the website... To view the survey results online, click here

    In case you haven't yet visited our survey page, please click the link below to fill out our short website survey, and find out about my shameless bribe...

    Click here to take the survey

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