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May 2004 
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Fellow pond lover

Wow! We've got a great issue for you this Memorial Day weekend ... From a pond cleaning pictorial (and videos), to the results of our 'Funniest Pond Story' - we've been working hard for you to put together our best issue yet!

We've got lots of pictures, and EVEN 2 SHORT VIDEOS for you to enjoy this month... So take advantage of this long holiday weekend, and enjoy this months issue of PondStuff!

in this issue
  • How to Clean Your Pond
  • Results of our 'Funniest Pond Story' contest!
  • Goldfish or KOI... Whick is right for your pond?
  • Building Liner Ponds
  • Product Review - Tetra Pond UV Sterilizer

  • Results of our 'Funniest Pond Story' contest!
    We had some hilarious, truly gut wrenching, laugh out- loud stories sent in by some of you. Here we're going to highlight some of the funniest stories for you to read, and we'll post ALL of the funniest pond stories sent in on the website.

    We had entries from all over the place (Inluding one all the way from THAILAND!) The competition was fierce, and to be honest - I had a really hard time deciding on the one 'funniest' story. So, I'm going to leave it up to you, our readers. That's right - I'm asking everyone of you to 'vote' on your favorite 'funniest pond story'. Then we'll release the results in a week or so...

    But here's a brief rundown of our entries: cats, dogs, and bunnies taking a swim, a hungry KOI nibbling in dangerous territory, a missing flip flop, an electrifying experience for grandma, fun for the whole family, fish frapee, and flying fish as well! There you have it, these are the entries you will be voting on at the end, so get ready for some very amusing pond stories!

    First, let's start with this very funny story about 'Smokey' the cat - who apparently thinks he can walk on water. This was sent in by Mike Lachance from Maryland:

    Click here to read the whole story...

    Goldfish or KOI... Whick is right for your pond?
    Many people have asked us over the years "Should I add goldfish or KOI (or both) to my pond? The answer is "it depends."

    Goldfish are better suited to smaller water gardens and ponds, in the 50 - 500 gallon range. Goldfish are extremely hardy and easy to care for, which makes them the perfect choice for the new pond owner or water gardener.

    KOI, on the other hand, require a little more knowledge and better water quality in most cases, than goldfish and are better suited to the more experienced pond keeper. KOI generally thrive best in ponds over 500 gallons (the bigger - the better.)

    This is becuase KOI can grow quite large and therefore require more water in the pond for proper biological breakdown of waste. KOI are also more expensive (and harder to replace) than goldfish, so this should also be taken into account before filling your new pond full of KOI fish.

    More things to consider...

    Building Liner Ponds
    Surprisingly enough, it is usually in mid-summer that many gardeners begin to think about installing a small pond or water garden. Ponds don't need to be weeded or watered, and they can supply exuberant color in the form of water lilies and bog plants. The sound of a splashing fountain or waterfall is more appealing than weeding a flower bed or mowing that section of lawn. Best of all, no matter how hot or wet it gets, the pond just keeps on blooming!

    At this point you may start to think about the expense and labor of installing a concrete pond, and our 95 degree days are just about enough to stop this pond daydream in its tracks!

    However, with the advent of newer pond liners and pre- formed pools, the misery associated with concrete mixing and finishing is a thing of the past. Heavy duty pool liners with 10 year guarantees are now very common, and can sell for $1.00 a square foot or less.

    Preformed ponds in many different shapes and sizes are also an alternative method to create a quick pond at less cost than using concrete. Using these materials, the average gardener can install a decent size pond in less than one day, and have it stocked with plants, fish and fountain by the following morning.

    Continue Reading...

    Product Review - Tetra Pond UV Sterilizer
    Green water got you down? Is your pond starting to look more like a swamp than a water garden? Well worry no longer - in case you haven't heard of or used a UV sterilizer before, the good news is that they work, and they work very well..

    UV sterilizers work by passing your pond water through a chamber containing an ultraviolet lamp inside. As the water passes through - the UV lamp damages the DNA of the suspended algae cells, and prevents it from replicating, which means no more algae.

    This month, we are going to highlight one of our best selling UV sterilizers, made by Tetra Pond. The Tetra Pond UV sterilizers are extremely economical, easy to install, and very effective. They are really more of a 'clarifier' than a true UV sterilizer, but the end result is the same - clear water.

    True UV sterilizers typically use a higher intensity bulb, and longer contact time. These units will also help control parasites and bacteria in the pond, but can be very expensive and are best used on larger KOI ponds.

    Learn More...


    How to Clean Your Pond
    In this issue of PondStuff! we're going to walk you through how to clean your pond, step by step! So if you've never dredged out the old pond to clean it out, after this article and picture series - you'll have no excuse!

    A well maintained and balanced pond with adequate filtration may not ever need cleaning out. But the reality is that most ponds, over time, begin to accumulate waste and debris, which will ultimately start to decay and decompose in the pond. Or, maybe the algae gets so bad, that the only option is to clean it out and start fresh.

    How do you do a proper pond cleaning? Well we're about to show you. This the very same sequence we used when cleaning out ponds for our 100+ customers every season. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as you're about to learn all about how clean out your pond like a professional!

    The first step is to gather all the necessary materials and equipment you'll need for the job. Here's a brief list of what you'll need:

    Read on....

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