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July 2004 
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Fellow pond lover

Welcome to our mid-summer edition of PondStuff! In this issue we have several new and interesting articles.

We also want to welcome a new writer to our line-up. Len Dozois will be writing some of our newsletter articles starting this month -- so look forward to a little more writing flair in upcoming issues. Welcome Len.

in this issue
  • Introducing KOI-Cam!
  • Oxygen Depletion in Ponds
  • How to choose water garden plants
  • Product Review: The KOI Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder

  • Oxygen Depletion in Ponds
    Severe environmental stressors are the most frequent causes of sudden fish death in garden ponds or other fish habitats, and the lack of oxygen in the water is the number 1 stressor of all.

    Two major factors contributing to fish-pond oxygen loss concern blooming algae. During daylight hours, algae make oxygen; during the night, however, the plants take oxygen. If algae are profusely blooming, the plants deplete all the pond's oxygen during the night, which in turn, causes fish inhabiting the pond to die.

    Another way that algae trigger oxygen loss is by dying suddenly. Algae-bloom death occurs naturally or from chemical treatment of an algaecide. When algae die suddenly - from either cause - the oxygen becomes quickly depleted because the algae no longer are alive and making it.

    Then, when dead algae begin to decompose, the decaying process even further depletes oxygen. Fish have been observed gulping for oxygen at the water's surface in sixty minutes or less from the onset of sudden algae death.

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    How to choose water garden plants
    So the water garden bug has bitten. You've dug and leveled and sweated and said words you hope that no one else has heard. Now it's time for the fun part - picking out your water garden plants!

    Plant varieties within these four categories are what you need to eyeball: deep-water, marginals, oxygenators, and floaters. (If you think these words are big words, just be happy we're not talking about medicine.)

    After you've diligently planted your new plants in plastic tubs, pans, or clay pots, packing the fertilizer- and chemical-free soil down tightly, load the container down with pea gravel to keep the soil from floating away. (Don't ask why this works, but it does.)

    Plunk your plant into the water at the appropriate depth (You'll read about that in just a minute) and you're on ready to go!

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    Product Review: The KOI Cafe Automatic Fish Feeder
    The KOI CAFE lets you feed your fish, even if you're away! With up to 8 different programmed feeding times available - you can make sure that your KOI or water garden fish are getting all the food they need.

    Digital timer runs off of a rechargeable battery, and has an optional solar panel re-charger, or standard plug charger. Up to 8 different programmed feeding times per day, and large capacity container for holding 2-3 lbs of food.

    - Provided maximum growth potential for your KOI
    - Easy, no-hassle daily feedings for your fish
    - Adjustable feed settings for more or less food
    - Sturdy and attractive coated steel hanging unit

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    Introducing KOI-Cam!
    This is a project I've had on the back burner for many months now, but now it's finally ready!

    I rigged up a wireless camera and aimed it at my KOI pond, directly where my KOI get their daily feedings. To check it out right now, visit www.koi-

    Right now, it's just a snapshot that can be updated by hitting your 'refresh' button on your browser - but soon we'll have it available as a streaming video feed.

    The KOI get regular feedings at the times listed on the website. check out my new auto-feeder called 'Koi- Cafe' also shows at This feeder is run by battery, and also comes with a solar panel for re- charging the battery! It's not hooked up yet, but it's still pretty amazing.

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