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February 2005 - The 'Late' issue 
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This issue of PondStuff was prepared especially for YOU,

Hi everybody!

If you missed us last month, we apologize for not getting a newsletter out in January, we were super busy putting our new 2005 Pond Catalog together!

In this issue, we've got several very interesting articles to share with you, including a very informative pictoral on what to do if your fish ever get sick...


We've just added hundreds of *NEW* products to our website, and added new 'search by manufacturer' and 'search by product' options -- so check out the new 'just-updated' website today!

in this issue
  • 2005 Pond Catalog is Now Ready!
  • New Products Added!
  • Fish Emergency (Part I)
  • Spring Pond Feeding
  • **Past Issues of PondStuff!**
  • New Products Added!
    We've hired our own full-time computer nerd, to do nothing else but add useful new pond products to our website, to give you an even bigger selection!

    To browse our new listing of 'just-added' pond products, sorted by manufacturer -- just click on the link below...

    We're constantly on the lookout for new and innovative pond products that will help you keep your pond as clean, clear and healthy as nature intended it to be...

    The only problem is that your pond will 'Naturally' tend to gravitate towards 'swamp-like' conditions without the proper help from you!

    A pump, filter, and the proper balance of plants, fish, and beneficial bacteria are essential elements for any successful pond. Click below to see some of the new products we have for you to accomplish this for your pond.

    Click Here For New Products...

    Fish Emergency (Part I)
    Let's face it, at some time or another most pond owners will face an outbreak of some kind, or worse yet - have an unidentified threat potentially wipe out your entire fish population.

    Let's face it, at some time or another most pond owners will face an outbreak of some kind, or worse yet - have an unidentified threat potentially wipe out your entire fish population.

    It all started about a month ago, right after the recent KOI Show we exhibited at here in South Florida.

    Even though I KNOW BETTER, I couldn't help falling in love with two fish in particular that I 'Just Had to Have' and even though I didn't have a quarantine tank setup, I brought these two fish home anyway...

    Fish Emergency Part I (Cont...)

    Spring Pond Feeding
    It's starting to warm up in some parts of the country, and we're getting emails about 'when can I start feeding my fish again?'

    The answer is really a two part response: It's not just 'when' but also 'what' to start feeding them...

    As a general rule, we recommend not feeding your fish at all below 50 F and only start feeding them again when the water has been above 55 for more than 7 days.

    Then, you want to be sure to only feed them a lower protein food, or ideally a wheat germ based food like the Hikari Wheat Germ Koi food...

    More on Spring Feeding...

    **Past Issues of PondStuff!**
    Why not take advantage of this 'quiet' time during the off season to catch up on your pond reading...

    Remember, we've archived all past newsletter articles for your convenience, which you can view online whenever you want, day or night!

    We've got tons of useful articles covering everything from Summer Pond Tips to Wildlife in Winter Ponds...

    Click on the link below to start catching up on your pond education, so you'll be ready for pond season this Spring!

    Click here to access the 'Pond Article Archives'...


    2005 Pond Catalog is Now Ready!
    If you haven't yet registered for your copy of our 2005 Pond Catalog, please visit the link below.

    We spent hours and hours putting together the best collection of our favorite pond products for you to choose from, and included them in this beautiful 4-color catalog.

    Large pond or small, you're sure to find many new and interesting stuff for your pond this season, so be sure and reserver your copy today.

    (If you've already requested a catalog, please allow 2 weeks for delivery -- These are expensive to produce, so we ask that you only request one catalog per household) Thank you...

    Click Here to Get the 2005 Catalog!

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