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December 2004 - The 'Water Lily Holiday' issue 
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This issue of PondStuff was prepared especially for Brett Fogle,

Hi everybody,

First of all -- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers!

We've got some warm weather articles, tips, and pictures for you this month, to help keep your mind off the cold.. In this issue, we're going to cover: How to Fertilize, Divide, and Prune your water lilies this coming Spring!

in this issue
  • Holiday Card An Instant Favorite
  • Water Lillies - How and When To Divide and Fertilize...
  • Fertilizing Your Water Lilies
  • Pruning and Trimming Your Water Lilies
  • **Readers Review**

  • Water Lillies - How and When To Divide and Fertilize...
    While most of your ponds are slumbering in the dead of winter right now, we're going to take a look at how and when to fertilize and divide your water lillies.

    Normally a good time to do this would be in early Spring, once the pond thaws out and things are starting to warm up a bit - and before your lillies have started growing back too much.

    Dividing water lillies

    Some people would recommend dividing your water lillies every year, but I don't think that's practical or neccessary for most people (unless your pond nut like me), but after awhile you WILL have to divide your lily rhiozome as is outgrows it's current pot or planting container.

    More on Dividing Water Lilies (With Pictures...)

    Fertilizing Your Water Lilies
    Unfortunately, sunlight is not enough.

    Your water lilies will grow, thrive, and bloom much better if you get in the habit of fertilizing them regularly.

    The good news is -- It's Easy!

    you can either remove your water lily from the pond to fertilize them, your sometimes you can even do it with the plants still in the pond...

    I prefer to remove them so I can inspect to see if they are becoming overgrown, and possibly need dividing. This is really the best way, and a good time to kill two birds with one stone.

    So, first - remove the pot from the pond. Then drain out any excess water, so you can see the surface of the soil and Rhiozome..

    More on Fertilizing Lilies (With Pictures...)

    Pruning and Trimming Your Water Lilies
    Ok, now we've covered how to divide and fertilize your water lilies... now why don't we take a look at pruning and trimming them to keep them looking their best!

    Trimming and pruning your water lilies is important for two reasons..

    First, you don't want old, decaying leaves rotting in your pond. Second, trimming old, dying pads stimulates the plant to produce more fresh ones, and third -- it just looks better!

    To determine when to prune your water lilies - use your own judgement for the most part. But if you notice a pad that is yellowing, or has begun to decay in any way, or has black spots on it - cut it off..

    More on Pruning Water Lilies (and more pictures!)

    **Readers Review**
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    Holiday Card An Instant Favorite
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