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August 2004 
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Fellow pond lover

Summer is almost over - wow time flies!

From hot weather fish-feeding advice to keeping your pond clean, fresh, and algae-free, this edition strives to address all your summer pond-related issues.

For newbies and old hands alike, this issue of PondStuff! provides a super summer read for all levels of pond, plant, and fish aficionados.

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in this issue
  • Hot-Weather Fish Feeding Facts
  • Protecting Fish From Toxic Contaminants
  • Lose That Ugly Algae!
  • Save Your Fish: Heron-Proof Your Pond

  • Protecting Fish From Toxic Contaminants
    Fish become more active when water temperatures rise, producing more waste and consequently, risking pollution to their environment.

    The ammonia from fish waste breaks down first into nitrites, then nitrates by beneficial bacterial organisms. Even tiny amounts of both ammonia and nitrites are life threatening to fish.

    However, not many people know that Ammonia becomes even more dangerous in higher pH water, possibly resulting in severe problems or death.

    Because Ammonia is less toxic in water with lower pH, if you do discover that your Ammonia levels are escalated, try to lower your pH (slowly) down to around neutral.

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    Lose That Ugly Algae!
    Too much organic material in your pond or water garden puts algae into overdrive by providing nutrients that cause it to grow.

    Besides obscuring the beauty of your vividly colored fish, algae rob oxygen from the water and emits noxious contaminants that can kill them.

    Ultraviolet (UV) clarifiers work by employing that part of the light spectrum to rid algae of its ability to reproduce. Once destroyed, the microscopically tiny algae form into larger clusters that are easily eliminated by common filtration systems.

    Sun-blocking plants and those that provide abundant supplies of oxygen present another easy answer to maintaining a clear water environment for your pond.

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    Save Your Fish: Heron-Proof Your Pond
    Herons are beautiful, graceful, and . . . hungry. When you notice fish vanishing mysteriously, think "heron" - especially in the spring and beginning of summer when new, baby herons need feeding.

    Grown herons consume almost a pound of fish daily. That amounts to about three, seven-inch, $40 koi of the lower-priced variety. Or if you're really unlucky - a heron could fly away with a several hundred or thousand dollar show koi (which I've seen before)!

    Colorful, flashing fish in a shallow pond tempt herons beyond any far-fetched capability to resist. If you don't do something quickly, your fish will soon be history.

    To hamper herons from feasting on your fish, here are some simple solutions. But don't lose your temper and harm or possibly kill one of these protected-species birds... You could get yourself in lots of trouble!

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    Hot-Weather Fish Feeding Facts
    To remain healthy and continue growing, fish need to get all the nutrients available from their food, so feed them food they can easily assimilate in their systems. If fish seem hungry, feed them once to three times daily

    Feeding small amounts guarantees all the food gets eaten, preventing leftover food from spoiling in high, summertime temperatures and dirtying the water. Don't feed fish that aren't hungry - it only wastes money and soils their environment.

    Oxygen dissolves easier in winter, when water temperatures are low. Warmer temperatures mean harder-to-acquire oxygen in water.

    In summer, therefore, fish sometimes find it difficult to get enough dissolved oxygen - particularly in severe summer heat. Even when fish eat, the motion caused by their feeding further depletes oxygen supplies.

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