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April 2004 
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Hello Brett,

We're back! Back on track with our newsletter, after taking several months off to focus on other projects. But we've got several timely and interesting topics for your in this month's Spring issue of Pondstuff!

I've also made the difficult move into a new outdoor tiki office with a view (click on the link below to view). Yes, that's right - there is no sacrifice too large for my readers ;-) That's me in the picture, on my laptop with new wireless card to my DSL home office connection (the wonders of modern technology). The other photos are of my view from my 'desk' here, and of the koi pond just to me left. I figured the view would give me inspiration for writing, so from now on - Pondstuff! will be written from here. Click here to see the pictures

in this issue
  • The String Algae Blues...
  • It's Springtime, and love is in the air.
  • Plants and Parasites
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Product Review - Cal Pump Power Control Center

  • It's Springtime, and love is in the air.
    The winters here in Florida are relatively mild, so with the first warm days of April I noticed the toads and tree frogs were back in full force. Nightly 'serenades' that almost kept me awake at night, and daytime roundezvous in all the cozy corners and hideouts.

    These playful little critters absolutely LOVE the pond we put in, and flock here from all over the neighborhood, to swim and play in the pond. They also seem to like to make tadpoles here, which is ok, as long as I can keep them to a manageable level.

    The fish don't seem to mind them, and the frogs are pretty quick on their own, so I don't think it's much of a problem. I snapped these photos last week, during the morning hours, after a loud and active night out at the pond.

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    Plants and Parasites
    One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a pond owner is just to start to lose fish, just when your everything is finally going great. I've seen it many times, and also had it happen to me.

    You spend all season planting, feeding, and caring for your pond and then all of a sudden, your fish mysteriously start dying off. For many people, the cause will always be a mystery. Your water levels test fine, you haven't added any new fish lately, and there are no outward signs of stress or infection.

    So what's the likely culprit? Not all pond owners know this, but you can just as easily introduce unwanted bacteria and parasites into your pond by adding new plants, and when adding new fish.

    Think about it, the plants usually come from rivers and streams from all over the place, and are then placed in holding tanks at the plant distributor's location for resale. And often, they are placed in the same water that is circulating through any fish holding tanks they may have, for the fish they sell.

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    Underwater Lighting
    So now you have a beautiful pond, the envy of your friends and neighbors, providing hours and hours of enjoyment... but what happens at night?

    For many pond owners, they are missing out on getting the maximum enjoyment out of their pond. Adding some under water lighting can create some really dramatic night time views, both from the backyard, and also from the house.

    If your waterfall is facing the back of your house, imagine how beautiful the view could be at night, with your waterfall illuminated by some underwater lighting. You can also add some low voltage landscape lighting around the pond, for some really dramatic night time views.

    A whole different look and feel emerges as dusk turns into dark, and the pond fish feel it too! We've spent many hours here after the sun goes down, watching the fish swim and play under the cloud of darkness.

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    Product Review - Cal Pump Power Control Center
    Do you need an extra outlet near your pond? Let's face it, ponds these days require all kinds of different gadgets, so many that it's not uncommon to run out of outlets to power them.

    What do you do when you have more plugs than you have outlets to plug them into? You could call an electrician to run another line out to your pond, add a new breaker to your fuse box, and of course charge you an arm and leg (or a fin and a tail?) to do it. Well that was the only alternative, until just recently.

    Introducing our top product pick for 2004! The Cal Pump Power Control Center is an awesome piece of equipment, and solves the previously difficult and expensive problem of needing more power.

    This unit comes with a 50' GFCI power cord, using thick cable for high electrical loads, and delivers up to 4 different electrical outlets and also a low voltage hookup, for your landscape lighting.

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    The String Algae Blues...
    Now that Spring is upon us and things are coming back to life in your pond with the warmer weather, many of us are battling with string algae. String algae is caused primarily by a combination of the buildup of organic nutrients in the water, and sunlight.

    What happens is that during winter, when things slow down and many of us turn off our filters, decaying leaves and other organic matter (including fish waste) begin to break down in the pond.

    The result is an excess of organic nutrients in the water, which is essentially food for algae growth. Add sunlight and some warmer weather to these conditions, and you have an ideal environment for algae growth, both the green water and string algae varieties.

    The green water, or 'pea soup' algae is easily eradicated with a properly sized UV sterilizer, which we highly recommend. String algae, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated and difficult to get rid of...

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