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October 2004 - The 'Halloween' issue 
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Fellow pond lover

Happy Halloween!

In this issue, we'll be covering some pre-winterizing items for colder temperatures to come, and reflect on some warmer temperatures behind us.

We'll also be re-visting those pesky fire-ants, and showing you some very cute and funny pictures of our pond frogs.

in this issue
  • Haloween Specials
  • Pond Winterizing
  • Over-wintering pond fish
  • Funny Frogs and Lizards...
  • Forget about FIRE ANTS!

  • Pond Winterizing
    Every year, as the weather gets colder and we start heading into winter, many of our customers ask us how to prepare their ponds for winter.

    Pond owners should be aware of several simple things to do in preparing their ponds for the colder months.

    Fish and plants need very different things in the winter, but can be kept in top condition for the following season if the appropriate steps are taken.  

    When the water temperature falls below 50 degrees, or whenever the fish start to lose interest in food, feeding should be eliminated.

    Click here to read the whole story...

    Over-wintering pond fish
    The metabolism of koi and goldfish is controlled primarily by water temperature. As the water cools, pond fish require less protein in their diet.

    When koi and goldfish are fed high-protein food in cool water, the excess protein is excreted as ammonia from the gills. The microscopic organisms that make up the biological filter (and consume ammonia) also slow down in cooler water.

    Improper seasonal feeding can lead to a build-up of toxic ammonia, which stresses fish and reduces their winter survivability. When the water temperature drops to approximately 65 F, start feeding with Spring & Autumn Pond Food.

    This type of fish food is better suited for the dietary requirements of pond fish in cool water and won't pollute the water with excess ammonia. Some water gardeners continue to feed their fish until they no longer come to the surface. I stop feeding my pond fish when the water falls below 50 F.

    Read More About it...

    Funny Frogs and Lizards...
    Here are some great pictures I shot over a month ago, when things were a little warmer, and the frogs and tree frogs were all out enjoying the warm summer weather.


    Click Here For Pictures of Funny Frogs...

    Forget about FIRE ANTS!
    When we sent out this Q&A last month, we were later overwhelmed with all the responses about getting rid of fire ants..

    Here are some solutions our readers sent it for getting rid of these pesky pests:

    (Some of these are really funny!)

    Read on...


    Haloween Specials
    With cooler temperatures fast approaching in many parts of the country, now is the time to think about winterizing your pond, if you haven't done so already.

    It's time to cut back your plants, lower them the the bottom of the pond, remove your pump(s), net the pond, and get those fish ready for a frost!

    Many people still have questions about how to prepare for winter, judging from our 2 hour long 'Pond Q&A' yesterday...

    So, to help you get ready for old man winter, we've created two special Halloween packages (complete with a hefty HALLOWEEN discount!)

    Click HERE For Great Halloween Deals!!

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