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March 2005 - The 'KOI Pond' issue 
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This issue of PondStuff was prepared especially for Brett Fogle Fogle,

Hi everybody!

We've got lots of great pictures for you this month, and several very interesting articles...

This month's issue is primarily aimed at our koi pond keepers, although there is something valuable for everybody!

in this issue
  • April Fools...
  • Converting a Sand Filter to a Bead Filter (Pictorial)
  • Fish Emergency (Part II)
  • Pond Tour (Great Pictures)
  • **Past Issues of PondStuff!**

  • Converting a Sand Filter to a Bead Filter (Pictorial)
    It is a common misconception that 'Sand filters' will work just fine in ponds, and many landscapers and pond builders will install these on ponds, because they just don't know any better.

    But a sand filter is just about the WORST kind of filter for a pond...

    There are many reasons, but basically a sand filter is designed to 'polish' the relatively clean and waste-free water in a swimming pool.

    These work great in pools, but are not designed to effectively filter water with organic waste (fish poop) and other suspended solids in the water.

    Continue Reading...

    Fish Emergency (Part II)
    In last month's newsletter, we covered how to diagnose and treat pond water quality problems, specifically Nitrite toxicity.

    This month, we're going to show you the best way to treat and cure a bacterial infection in Koi and large goldfish.

    From time to time, just about every koi pond or water garden owner will have to deal with some sort of infection, either parasitic or bacterial...

    During six years of owning and running a water garden center, and dealing with hundreds of fish in various water quality conditions, I saw my share of bacterial outbreaks in fish.

    Fish Emergency Part II (Cont...)

    Pond Tour (Great Pictures)
    I meant to share these earlier last year, but just came across them again in my files.

    Here are some great pictures of some beautiful fish at a recent Koi Club Meeting, which was held at the home of our chapter president of the Tropical KOI Club of South Florida, Charles Lewis.

    Charles has been keeping koi for a long time, and is a very knowledgeable koi keeper, with some amazing fish (see below).

    Everyone at the koi club meeting really enjoyed seeing these amazing fish, and also the swimming pool size koi pond they were swimming around in...

    Take the Tour (Pictures)...

    **Past Issues of PondStuff!**
    Why not take advantage of this 'quiet' time during the off season to catch up on your pond reading...

    Remember, we've archived all past newsletter articles for your convenience, which you can view online whenever you want, day or night!

    We've got tons of useful articles covering everything from Summer Pond Tips to Wildlife in Winter Ponds...

    Click on the link below to start catching up on your pond education, so you'll be ready for pond season this Spring!

    Click here to access the 'Pond Article Archives'...

    April Fools...
    Many of you enjoyed our 'prank' on Friday, announcing that a 20 foot koi had been spotted in Japan... menacing local farmers and eating their cows!

    Unless you hadn't figured that out yet - we were only kidding!

    Although the inspiration from that story came directly from the pages of our Japanese Garden Secrets ebook...

    Apparently, we made mention that koi can 'often grow as large as 20 feet long...' Perhaps this is a good time to also announce that this was a typo.

    Read about 20' KOI. Find the Typo Yourself...

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