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July 2005 - Happy 4th of July! 
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This issue of PondStuff was prepared especially for Brett Fogle,

Happy 4th of July!

It's been awhile since our last newsletter, but we wanted to get one out for you this holiday weekend. We've got some great new articles for you this issue, to be sure to save this newsletter and read every word!

As we mentioned in a previous Pond Q&A, we've brought on a new editor and article writer name Carolyn Weise, who has written some excellent articles for this issue...

To read Carolyn's Bio, click here

In this issue
  • SPAWN!!
  • Water Pond Plants For Your Pond
  • Ponds and Kids' Safety

  • Water Pond Plants For Your Pond
    To bridge the gap between the surrounding garden and the pond, use bog and water-loving plants.

    Water lilies do nicely to shade the pond and expand the garden area.  This also serves to make the pond "part of" the garden rather than something stuck in as an afterthought.

    In the warm seasons the floating plants can easily take- over.  It is best to have at least 1/3 of the pond surface uncluttered by plants.  If you have koi in your pond, plants probably won't ever live long enough to take over. 

    My experience with the ever-favorite Iris Pseudocorus is that it doesn't belong in a pond.  It does very well in dirt and won't grow to gargantuan proportions in a single season, which is generally the case inside the pond.  Outside the pond, the foliage doesn't overwhelm the small yellow flowers.

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    As the season unfolds, so do the natural things in and around my pond. 

    It is already a "Nature Preserve" in miniature, so by July we don't want to venture out into the night for the size of spiders and their intricate webs.  The webs cover walkways, grasses, water plants - basically everything - but only at night.

    In the morning, these webs either deteriorate by themselves, or the spiders, I swear, reel them back in.  I cannot dig anywhere in the yard without disturbing at least three active worms.

    These alien worms are much more active than our native earthworms, but still seem to do the job of enriching and aerating the soil, as I would hope.  I am convinced that my yard has fewer mosquitos than any other on my block, but the slugs and earwigs have found a safe haven here...

    More Reading (With Pictures)...

    We're always hearing questions from people pertaining to what type of treatment and what particular chemical to add to their pond when a fish looks sick.

    The issue I need to address may not be the sick fish.  It may be the overall health of the pond.  If you have a healthy pond, the fish will be healthy. 

    If you have clean (not necessarily clear) water, the fish will thrive.  If you are dumping chemicals into the pond trying to clean it up, what are you accomplishing?  I suggest you are complicating the problem. 

    First, nothing should be added to the pond unless you have already done the preliminary diagnosis; this is best done by observing the symptoms...

    More On Pond Health...

    Ponds and Kids' Safety
    In the interest of safety there are a few things to consider when having guests over for this holiday weekend or during summer BBQ's- children aren't always supervised properly by their parents!

    So, as the responsible homeowner, it's your duty to safeguard your guests and your pond. 

    A few things to stock up on are the water "alarm" system that will alert you to any rise in water level indicating someone has either jumped into the pond or fallen accidentally. 

    Either can injure them or the fish...

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    That dreaded word that strikes fear into the hearts of mighty koi keepers!

    The rather awful thing that happens the day of your garden party with an aroma that permeates the air for what seems an eternity and ruins the look of a perfect koi pond with globs of mounding unsightly froth.

    The extra protein gathers below the waterfall where everyone will be sure to notice. 

    You shudder as you stare at your formerly (just yesterday!) gorgeous pond and garden.

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