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Ponds and Kids' Safety

In the interest of safety there are a few things to consider when having guests over for this holiday weekend or during summer BBQ’s- children aren’t always supervised properly by their parents!

So, as the responsible homeowner, it’s your duty to safeguard your guests and your pond.  A few things to stock up on are the water “alarm” system that will alert you to any rise in water level indicating someone has either jumped into the pond or fallen accidentally.  Either can injure them or the fish. 

They can be purchased for a reasonable price and can we ever really put a price on peace of mind?   Give the children something to occupy themselves for the duration of the party in case they might get bored.  I find the non-toxic bubbles are good for about an hour of enjoyment.  And remember that they might be tempted to feed your BBQ food to the fishies….

Next, you want to be sure any fish food is locked away from children.  More fish have died from overfeeding when the homeowners did not notice bags being dumped into the pond (or fishtank).  Also secure any chemicals used to treat illness. 

Check the perimeter of your pond for any loose stones or rock work.  This is an invitation for accident.  Larger stones can send visitors into a pond, and can damage the liner, plants, and make a big splash (albeit unwanted) on the party. 

By a little preparation, we can all have a happy get together!

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