Hozelock Cyprio Lighting
  Underwater Pond Lighting by Hozelock Cyprio

Hozelock Cyprio

LED lights are becoming increasingly fashionable in home and garden design.  LED (light emitting diode) lights emit a very powerful, distinctive clear and direct light to illuminate the pond or fountain.  Each pond light includes 10 LEDs for maximum light output.  The three lamp LED lights set works off a 12-volt supply for easy DIY installation and uses a mere 2.85 watts, which means the running cost is extremely low.  The lights are supplied with a range of colored lenses.  Hozelock Cyprio pond lights are very versatile, and they can be installed in three different ways.  Attached to the pump to provide an illuminated fountain.  Anchored at the bottom of the pond to illuminate the depths of the water.  With the integral weight removed they float perfectly on the surface.  We supply three lamp started sets, which have all the fittings necessary to complete the installation, and to which up to three extra lights can be added.  A transformer is included in the tree light set.

  • Hozelock Aquaglow LED Set
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LED 3 Lamp Pond Set