August 30, 2015

Today's Pond Q&A of the Day

Question #1:

Carolyn, my husband and I rebuilt, for the third time, a 6'x10'x30" deep fountain area, and this time used a vinyl liner.

The others were built using a small tin barrel and then a plastic one, but we wanted our fountain to spout higher and wider where we built this pond. This liner is made by Beckett, made of 20mil UV protected PVC with a 15 year warranty. This area gets very little sunlight and has fieldstone covering all of the liner above the pond and pump, right up to the water's edge.

Our question is: Other than removing the water, how do we prepare the liner for our freezing winters here in Luzerne County, PA? My husband's tentative plan is to cover the liner and surrounding rocks with a tarp and blankets. Is this good enough, and/or what suggestions do you have?

With much appreciation, Valerie

Answer #1:

Most people simply use a floating deicer for small ponds and water features. It is easier and probably will allow less freeze/thaw damage to the pond itself. The water will help the liner stay in place. Birds and other wildlife love an unfrozen water source in the middle of winter.

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Question #2:

Hi Carol,

Been a while since I emailed you a question, and I hope you don't mind
another... Are UV lights unnecessary in the winter when the water drops
below 40? I've recently read that I should put my UV lights away to avoid
damage in cold weather, and to date I've always run them all winter long.

If they're unnecessary, I'd love to comply with this to save electricity

Please let me know your thoughts, thanks

Answer #2:

Algae will usually die off naturally in the colder winter months, so it's usually fine to remove the unit depending on where you live. If the water is getting below 40 degrees, than you can certainly remove the unit or bulb, which is also recommended to prevent it from freezing and breaking. The quartz bulb in UV sterilizers are very fragile.

And the other advantage, as you mention, is to save the electricity.

Note that UV bulbs should also be replaced every year, or every 12 months of use as a general rule, so I always recommend having a spare 'on hand'.

Hope this helps!


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Posted by bfogle at August 30, 2015 09:14 AM