March 17, 2015

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Opening the pond. what do I have to do?

- Algae- how can I get rid of it now?


Question #1>

This is our first spring with our approximately 1,000
gallon pond. We live in Georgia and it is starting to
warm up, it was over 80 today, although I know we will
have more cold days and nights.

My question is, what do we need to do to get ready to
"open" our pond again. Also, when do we start feeding
the Koi again.




Ah, spring is a wonderful time of year! For koi ponds, it means
monitoring the cleanliness of the pond, seeing that all is in
working order, and taking stock of the fish. If the fish are up
and seeking food, I might toss them a handful of wheat germ food
once in a while in my own pond. We have had a very mild winter
and when fish are up and swimming they are also using stored
energy supplies.

Check the fish when they come up for any sores or signs of
trouble. Anything happening now will be doubled later. And
clean, clean, clean the pond, filter, surrounding area. I keep
my filtration going all year but turn off any above-ground
water, such as waterfalls and streams.

Always go by the water temperature and not the air temperatures
when figuring what to do next with a koi pond. We
traditionally start feeding wheat germ foods when water temp is
stable at 50 Fahrenheit.

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Question #2>

I have a 1500-gallon Koi pond. I have had it for about 1
years. The Koi are doing very well, but the string algae is
doing even better (or worse)! I live in Northern California, so
the water temperature it does not get real cold in winter
(about 55 degrees), and it does get warm in the summer months.

I have been using a product called AlgaeFix, following the
directions, but it does not seem to be doing the job on the
string algae. The pond wall is made of lava rock, so the algae
is very difficult to remove.

Do you have any suggestions?



The problem with using algaecides is that the algae will return
unless you pay attention to the rest of the picture. Algae
needs three things to grow: ambient temperatures (which you
have), nutrition (fish?) and sunlight (which CA is known for!).

If you can shade the pond by either constructing some sort of
cover, or planting lilies or tall plants that will provide some
sun relief, or simply drag a few planted trees over to the edge
of the pond, you will have some success.

Then, if you have fish and cut back on either the population in
the pond or the amount of food, you will have even more success.
Alas, you have to live with the temperatures I suppose.

Then, by not using an algaecide, you will allow your bacteria to
build up. This is the third leg of your success triangle!

Good luck.

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Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
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March 09, 2015

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Pond Articles and Pond Q&A Archives *reminder*

- How to keep a pond in the ground

- Why use a de-icer in your pond


Pond Articles and Pond Q&A Archives

It's that time of year again, and we're getting super busy here.

With the amount of emails coming in, we apologize - but we're
just unable to answer them all...

So if you have a question, or just want to 'brush up' on your
pond knowledge for this season, we recommend that you visit (and
bookmark) our two archive pages which you can find here:

Pond Article Archives

Pond Q&A Archives

Now on to today's Pond Q&A


I have a heavy plastic pond in my front yard in the
ground.Everytime it rains a lot the pond comes up out of the hole
it is in.I put heavy rocks on top to keep it from doing this,but
then it made a bubble in the middle of the plastic pond coming to
the top.What do I do to make this right and enjoy my pond?


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Hi Martha,

Not much you can do there except move to higher ground..

The pond bubbles up due to your water table being too high, and
so it forces the plastic pond up.

If any of our readers has any suggestions, please send them in.




I read ALL of your articles and ALL of the customer Q&A's that
you all discuss and I enjoy all of them. I also save them to
folders in my email. I dont recall ever reading about whether
de-icers will keep water completely thawed and the fact that the
fish are swimming vigoriously around the pond all year without
being fed. In all correspondence and other Q&A's the only thing
commented on was the fact that it will keep a whole in the ice
for oxygen to get in/out.

It is a concern and I assumed it was a simple question that would
take less time to answer than I have to go back through all the
articles looking for something that I am almost positive is not
mentioned in them.

Thank you anyway...




Hi Kim,

Ok, I'll answer your question, but it's much easier for me to
read if you break it up into paragraphs (for future reference).

I'm glad you are enjoying the Pond Q&A, and hope it is helping!

To answer your first question, deicers will sometimes keep your
entire pond ice-free, if your pond is small. But in larger ponds,
it will just keep a hole in the ice (if you have ice).

They also will not 'heat' your pond, they are thermostatically
controlled and will only turn on when the water drops below
freezing, and then turn off at around 45 degrees. Their primary
function is to keep a hole in the ice to allow oxygen to enter
the water (for the fish) and to allow toxic gasses to escape
(from decaying leaves, etc).

Hope this helps!

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