December 27, 2015

Pond Q&A 12-27-2015

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Fish Deaths

- Aerial Pesticides Killing Fish


Question #1>

Hello Carolyn,

I have a pond 3'wide and about 2 1/2' deep- all fish have died in
last 2 months- noticed whitish discoloring on the skin developed
then they died. Had about 12 or 14. Would a light in pond help?



Answer #1>


A light wonít do anything for keeping the fish alive. The whitish
discoloration may be parasite infestation if it was noticeable
before they died. Otherwise, it may have nothing at all to do with
the deaths.

My guess is that there was not enough oxygen in the water to
support that many fish. In fact, I doubt there was enough water
unless the fish were very small. If you didnít have filtration,
that would be another problem. The light will have no impact that
I can tell.


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Question #2>

Hi Carolyn,

My next door neighbor had a mosquito mister system installed that
sprays ULD HydroPy-300 two times in the am and two in the pm.
Within days our gold fish began dying. Our water tested great for
fish conditions. I couldn't find anyone local to test the water for
pesticides. There is approx. 80ft w/some trees between their mister
system and our fish pond. I did take note that we lost more fish
after a couple of particular windy days.

Do you think their system is what is killing our fish? The company
that installed the system said there is no way their system had
anything to do with the fish dying. However, the neighbor agreed
to cut off the system for a few days and the fish stopped dying.


Answer #2>


There is a definite possibility that the mister could have harmed
the fish. I am not familiar with the pesticide they used in the
mister. Do you have a local cooperative extension or local
agricultural college in driving distance? Is there a private lab
in town?

You may want to erect some sort of partition to block wind that may
carry pesticides from the neighbor's mister to your pond. I can't
say that the pesticides actually killed the fish because it could
have been something entirely coincidental, but it's worth looking
into. Anytime there is spraying done, or lawn care, the pond needs
to be watched. A 50% water change is warranted at those times.


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