September 19, 2015

Pump Problems / Pea Soup Algae

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- Pump Problems

- Pea Soup Algae - Do I Need A UV?


Question #1>

Hello Carolyn,

I hope you can help me my pond is only 2 months old and I find your
newsletter VERY helpful. But recently my waterfall have been
slowing down as far as the flow.

The company who installed the pond have replaced the pump because
there was trash in it and I do have a pump sock on it. But I have
been taking the sock off and cleaning it every few days to keep the
water flowing. I did have to make sure the water plants were not
near the new pump to cause any problems.

Do you think I need a bigger pump for my 300 gallon pond or a new sock.


Answer #1>


I would say you need to clean out the bottom of submerged plants or
whatever is clogging the pump. Not saying this is what you have,
but submerged, or "oxygenating" plants, aren't necessary in a pond.

Also, depending upon the type of fish you keep (not koi?) you may
not be able to keep plants at all with a submerged pump. I would
think you could have the plants in pots which the fish cannot
access and this will keep the pond cleaner.

Also, if the pots contain soil, or peat, and they get tipped over,
it can spill a lot of debris to clog the pump. I recommend using
soil-less mix, such as Microbe-Lift planting media.


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Question #2>

Hi Carolyn,

My husband and I are first time pond owners. We have a 4400 gal
waterfall which flows into a narrow creek and then into a large
pond. Major problem with algae - pea soup type water. The water
area is in major sun.

We tried barley balls - no help. Use Aqa Fix weekly. Also put in
MicroliftPL about 2 weeks ago - doesn't look like anything is

If we were to invest in a UV clarifier, will this get the water to
a somewhat clear state. Since we have a 4400 gal. pond and are in
between sizes, should we size up or down. We don't want to use too
many chemcials due to the fish and plants. We could use your help.


Answer #2>


Adding a UV will clean up the planktonic algae you described. I
don't understand the in between sizes, so if it's a choice, size
up. And use the Microbe-Lift/PL, it's not a chemical. Two weeks
is not enough time to see any results. You should be putting
subsequent doses in weekly. You are, aren't you? The PL will
balance the nutrients that started the problems in the first place.


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