September 12, 2015

Spots on Fish / Getting Crystal Clear Water

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Spots on Fish

- Getting Crystal Clear Water


Question #1>

Hello Carolyn,

I have a pond about 500 gallons. We irrigate our yard every 3 weeks with
water from the local river, and about a month ago, I made the mistake of
putting in some baby fish that were left in the canal that feeds our yard.

I have 8 koi and about 7 goldfish in there, my koi being the largest. Prior
to my stupid mistake of putting in the 4 baby fish of unknown breed,
(probably carp, but too small to identify, about 4 inches long, and black) I
had a very healthy bunch of fish.

Now, my two biggest koi, (10-12 inches) have what look like grey spots on
their front part of the body, below their eyes, but behind the gills.
Interestingly, both have the same spot in the same area, but one of them
seems to be developing additional spots by his tail.

We have been doing water exchanges weekly and treating the pond with
Melafix, but I am still seeing the spots. I believe we have done 3-4
treatments now.

Does this sound like a life threatening situation, and do you have any
suggestions? I sure would appreciate any help you can give! By the way, I
love your e mails, they are so informative and help a lot, I am a new pond
owner and realize I made a mistake by adding these fish. They are still in
there, should I take them out? I was just trying to save these baby fishes
lives. Please don't slap me for my stupidity! He he!

Oh, one last question, we live in a desert area of the USA, but lately have
been getting a LOT of rain. Is this harmful to my fish? They all seem
healthy and happy, swimming and eating voraciously, just those darn spots
concern me. Please help! Thanks!


Answer #1>


Sounds like you may have brought in some fish lice. I suggest you
catch on of those fish and take a really close look at the gray
spot, see it if is somehow attached to the koi, like a thread
hanging from its face. If so, you need to treat for parasites and
then secondary bacterial infection. I don't want to alarm you,
but that's what this reminds me of and I am only guessing, given
the information you provided. You can take the fish to a vet or
fish expert for verification.


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Question #2>

Hi Carolyn,

I have two ponds, one is 750 gal's the other one is 500 gal's. What
I would like to find out is how do you keep all the small junk in
the pond from floating around,

I would love to have crystal clear ponds. They are above ground
ponds, made with 4x4 and a liner. I have a cal filter and a tetra
filter on it and two 9w UV on it, and plant in it for all the babys
that I keep getting in it, stuff still flots in the water.

Can you help me to have a crystal clear pond, I am on a fixed
income now. I built both ponds, The other one has two canster
filters and two UV on it, I use 1250 gph pumps on both ponds, Thank


Answer #2>


I have found that if the pump is in the water (a submersible type)
the dirt that I want the filter to remove will be pureed and less
likely (too small) to be removed by the filter. That's one thing.
The other thing that causes it is too many fish or too much

The finer your filter media, the finer the particulate matter which
will be removed. You could add a bog filter to further trap
particulate matter. Even bacteria can't remove or biodegrade
particulate matter.

Sludge Away might help to solubilize the particulate matter so the
bacteria can assist.


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