August 26, 2015

Koi in Hiding / Losing Koi / Reader Response to Controlling Mosquitos

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Koi in Hiding

- Why Am I Losing Koi?

- Reader Response to Controlling Mosquitos


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Question #1>

Hi Carolyn,

I was hoping you can help me. My Koi hide all the time. If you
look in my pond you would think there is nothing in it. I had
another pond in my old home and the Koi always came up when I fed

My Koi do not come up when I feed them, in fact they do not seem
to eat much even though it is summertime.

I have tested the water and it is fine. The pond is completely
enclosed and so there is no fear of predators. Please help,


Answer #1>


My guess is that these are pretty small koi, no? It is natural for
the baby koi to hide, so they can live to become big koi. Even
among adult koi, each has their own personality. One will be
adventurous and friendly while others will be stand-offish,

I hope you are removing any uneaten food five minutes after feeding
so it doesn't rot in there and putrefy the water.

If you provide plenty of "hiding places" in the pond, such as caves
and plants, they will eventually surface, when ready


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Question #2>

Hi Carolyn,

I have an approx. 250 gl. pond for over five years with goldfish and
Koi. This summer for some unknown reason I can happily say my pond
looks wonderful.

However last week I replaced some of the evaporated water and the
next day two of my prize koi died. I did put de-chlorinating fluid
in but not until the next day.

Could that have caused the loss of the two fish? The other Koi and
goldfish seem to be okay, I hope.

Thank you so much for your column it has been wonderful.


Answer #2>


I seriously doubt that topping off the pond would kill fish.
However, when adding new water you ought to add the dechlorinator
before you add the new water and not a day later. By that time
there would be no need to add it at all.

My guess is that your pond is overcrowded and perhaps the deaths
were coincidental with addition of new water? Have you done
anything else lately? Have you added an algaecide? Is the filter
kept clean? How are the rest of the fish behaving?

I might suggest actually doing a water change. Hopefully you are
testing the water to be sure there is no readable ammonia or
nitrite levels in there.

Also, has any yard work been done recently, any pesticide
applications that might have drifted into the pond?

There are some things to be aware of that can have toxic results,
like adding salt to a pond when using zeolite (or Ammo-Lock) in the
filter. What happens is that by adding salt to zeolite, the
zeolite purges itself of all the ammonia and empties it back into
the system which can kill the fish with a huge ammonia spike. Were
you using salt and zeolite perhaps?

Is there any CCA treated lumber around the pond? (It contains
arsenic, therefore is no longer being sold.)

If you don't have a current water test kit, I suggest you get one.
These should be replaced anually because the reagents can become
outdated and give false readings.

Hope this has helped.





Hi Carolyn,

You have an email friend which says she has mosquito problem. I
have some input for you. I live in Ontario,Canada and I have fish
which are called orphies.

They are like minnows, and they eat mosquitos, bugs, spiders --
anything that lands on or near the water. They swim very well with
koi and get along with koi as well but you must buy them in odd
numbers (example 3 or 5 at a time) because they school together
better. Hopefully this might help you out.


Carolyn's Answer>


Right, orfes are great "buggers" in a pond. They are very fast
swimmers and look good when swimming in a school. No, they don't
like to be alone, or the only one of their kind in the pond. You
have to have more than one.


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