August 23, 2015

Anacharis / Raccoons

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Too Much Anacharis?

- Raccoons Fishing without a License


Question #1>

Hi Carolyn,

I have a question:

I live in northern New Jersey and have a 1000 gal. pond. Since last
winter was not as cold as previous winters the Anacharis did not
die off. I did not know this at the beginning of this season and
added two more bunched.

Well now I have 70% of my pond bottom covered with Anacharis. The
fish and water quality are great except you see the Anacharis
instead of the bottom where the Anacharis is growing.

Will this hurt my fish or water quality, should I remove some or
leave it alone . . . I have 2 KOI, Goldfish and Shubunkins. I have
an Aquascape Ecosystem with a Biofalls and Skimmer plus 2 water
lilies, Iris, Parrot feathers and some other plants.

Please advise.


Answer #1>


No, I don't think this is going to do any harm to the fish.
If they spawn they will love the wonderful soft carpet


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Question #2>

Hi Carolyn,

I have only a small pond, about 5 ft. in diameter, and
have tried goldfish a couple of times. Both times, they have
become a sushi meal for some local raccoons, which is sad to

An ancillary consequence of the raccoon raids, however, is that
they also tear up my lily plants, and in the morning after, the
pond is a muddy mess of torn up lily pads.

How can I keep the little buggers away from my pond?

Any suggestions?


Answer #2>


Raccoons are one of my best subjects. I've had extensive experience
with these guys, some good and some bad. But in the end, the only
sure way to protect the pond is with an electrified fence. They
sell low voltage fences for ponds, I believe the brand name is

Once a raccoon has fished in your pond you can never again safely
keep fish. In your case, simply because they THINK there might be
fish in there, even your lilies are not safe anymore.

You should see what they have done to my cattails. Wow, cattail
soup... Wish I knew how they do that. Makes me very mad. But I
have seen ponds and talked to the owners who are using the electric
fences and it even stops otters and minks.


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