August 08, 2015

Worms in the Filter Matting? / Pond Problems Galore

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- Worms in the Filter Matting?

- Pond Problems Galore


Question #1>

Hi Carolyn,

I recently found my pond filters to be infested with a large number
of small 3/8" red worms.


1 What are they?

2 How can I get rid of them without damage to my fish (shebunkins)

Thanks for your consideration


Answer #1>


They are not harmful. They are either bloodworms or tubifex, both
types are the ones you would buy at a pet shop to feed to your
tropical fish. In fact, if you put the filter matting into the
pond, the fish would eat them for you.

When you say "infested" it sounds so nasty! Believe it or not
they are a natural inhabitant in a natural lake or pond, although
you will never see them. It's not until we put those lovely white
mats in that they are so prominently displayed. It makes a
wonderful colonization area for them. But they are somewhere in
the middle of the food chain. They are consuming smaller nematodes
and such. If you keep looking, you may even find small leeches.

If you get skeeved by these, I suggest you wear waterproof gloves
when handling the filter mats. Anything you use to kill them will
also harm the lower life forms that are responsible for keeping
your water clean. In order to control the populations, I would
recommend just changing the filter pads from time to time.



Question #2>

Hi Carolyn,

I have a small pond out back that I absolutely love. However, I have
had so many problems this year that I am going crazy!

First the string algae. I used EcoBlast and SAB Extreme and I
thought that took care of it. With the very strange weather we have
had, it is now back.

Next, my water is a dark brownish color. I used AquaClearer for
that but it hasn't touched it at all.

I also have a leak somewhere because the water level drops
considerably each day; not from evaporation. I have had the
BioFalls checked and it does not appear to be there.

Finally, I have a wild animal problem. I have now spent the time
and money and installed an electric fence (similar to a cow fence!)
around my adorable little pond!

It doesn't look bad and I don't even know yet if it is keeping the
raccoons, heron or whatever else is eating my fish, out!

Today 2 of my koi are missing but they could just be buried down
and because the clarity of the water is so bad, I can't see them!

Should I drain the entire pond and start all over == help!


Answer #2>


You've come so far, don't quit now. The electric fence is the most
effective barrier against raccoon, mink, otter, but probably not
much good for heron. They will just step over it. For heron, you
need something taller and set up at varying heights to make it
difficult for the beasties to navigate so they will go elsewhere,
where it's easier to fish.

Now that you've tried all the chemical warfare, how about trying
water changes, 25% weekly, and bacteria? Do you have too many fish
in the pond? Too few plants? Are you feeding the fish too much?
Whether or not they eat it all, it is all going to be in the water
sooner or later and it has to go "somewhere" when it does.

It's possible the predator has poked a hole in the liner somewhere.
Turn off the pumps and let the water drain until it stops, while
watching so the fish don't wind up high and dry, of course. Where
the water stops, you will find your leak. Usually doesn't take
that long to find. Generally it is in the waterfall, so don't rule
it out entirely.


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