January 24, 2005

Koi Show Videos *Reminder*

Just in case you missed this yesterday...

The video clips of last weekends koi show are ready for you to
view online!

To go directly to the videos page, please click here:

** Please note - these are large files, and may take a short time
to load, so please be patient.**

And here is the link to the various pictures from the show:




In case you're a 'newbie' -- I've just added a new page listing
all the KOI classifications and patterns, so you'll now know the
difference between a Kohaku, a Sanke, and a Platinum Matsuba

Impress your friends and koi buddies (it's OK if everybody else
thinks you're nuts) by rattling off the Japanese names of all
your fish.

Click here to go there now:

Once you learn all the different Japanese names of these fish,
then go back and watch the videos again, and see if you can spot
which ones are which.

It's fun for the whole family!


Tomorrow I'll tell you the hysterical story behind why my first
word as a baby was 'FISH' and the mayhem that immediately
followed. (Hint: It involves my little wooden hammer and my
parents 30 gallon aquarium!)


That's all for now, enjoy the videos.

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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Koi Show Pictures Are Ready!


- Koi Show Pictures

- Koi Show Videos

- Catalog Announcement

- New Products for 2005


They're finally ready!

I've just uploaded the last of the koi show pictures, featuring a
dozen or so pictures of the best show koi South Florida has to

If you haven't been to a real koi show before, here's your chance
to see what you've been missing!

Click here to see the pictures on our website:

There's also a couple pictures of our booth, of myself, and my
beautiful new fiance Jennifer - who some of you may have had the
pleasure of speaking to if you've called us lately.

Now it's a family business..

As promised, I've also just uploaded over a dozen live streaming
videos, featuring some AMAZING fish.

I finally figured out how to get these videos to you in a format
that would play over the internet (by converting them to AVI
format using the Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec Version 1)

Yep - that's right. It's official. I'm just become the biggest
nerd on the planet.

But I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to experience and
enjoy these beautiful fish as I have..

To go directly to the videos page, please click here:

** Please note - these are large files, and may take a short time
to load, so please be patient. Plus, this email is going out to
over 6,000 of our readers, so if you can't get the videos to play
- just try again later. I'm just hoping we don't crash the

Again, here are the links:

Koi Show Pictures:

Koi Show Videos:




Many of you have received postcards from us, announcing our new
2005 catalog, and including a whopping 20% off coupon to use on
your first catalog order.

We're just finishing up the last of the details, and the catalog
should go to print in the next ten days. So, we're hoping to
mail these out by February 1st.

If you haven't yet signed up, and given us your mailing address -
please go here to register:




In case you missed this in a previous email, we're busy adding
hundreds of new items to our 2005 line up.

Great new things for your pond...

YOu can take a 'sneak peek' by clicking here:


Or here (by mfg):


That's all for now, enjoy the videos.

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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January 20, 2005

$10,000 Koi Fish... Fact or Fiction?

It was great to see some of you at last weeks Koi Show here in
Ft. Lauderdale!

For those of you couldn't make it (most of you reading this are
probably freezing your fins off up North) -- we took lots of
pictures to share with you...

So keep a look out later this week for some pictures from the
show. You'll see our booth, some pictures of Jenna and I, and
most importantly -- some *AMAZING FISH!*

For those of you who have never been to a KOI show, and seen what
a prize KOI fish looks like - you're in for a real treat! Some
of these fish are valued at up to $10,000 - and you'll see why
when you see the pictures...

Now you may be thinking 'Anyone who spends $10,000 on a fish
should have his head examined' but I assure you the boy's in
white coats won't be coming anytime soon.

In fact -- a prize show koi from Japan recently sold for $68,000
(Really puts things in perspective doesn't it?) Now that $3000
Aquabead filter system doesn't sound quite so expensive ;-)
There was even a guy from the Cayman's at the show who
apparently brokered a deal for over $150,000 worth of new KOI to
replace his 'lost collection' from the recent hurricanes.

At any rate, we've got some great pictures to share with you --
and I even recorded a series of short videos with some 'live'
footage of a real Koi Show judge, explaining some of the things
he looks for in when judging a Koi at a show..

So look for an email from us over the weekend, you'll enjoy
seeing the pictures.

That's all for now,

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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January 14, 2005

New Pond Announcements


Two Big Announcements

- Better late than never... right?

- Come see us at our booth this weekend!


Hi [name],

Despite having it as 'Priority #1' for most of 2004, I finally
got off my lazy rump and hired someone to do what I just have not
found the time to do - until now.

The good news for you is...

We've now added *Hundreds* of awesome new pond products to our
website for 2005, and are adding lots of NEW ITEMS DAILY!

(But they're not quite ready...)

In fact you can't buy most of them yet, even if you wanted to.
That's because we haven't even had a chance to figure out what
our 'ultra low prices' will be for these.

But I'm going to give you a 'sneak peek' anyway!

Just click here to view our new 2005 lineup of great new pond

NOTE: Not all of these links are active yet, but there's enough
here to keep you busy browsing for over an hour. Let us know
what you think!


Also to announce:

We'll be exhibiting at the 4th Annual Koi and Water Garden Show &
Sale, this weekend January 15-16 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida!

This promises to be a great show, and you can stop by our booth
and meet us in person...

Click on this link for more details:

(We'll have lots of great pictures after the weekend, so stay
tuned for those. We'll post them on the website sometime next

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens


Two Big Announcements

- Better late than never... right?

- Come see us at our booth this weekend!


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January 08, 2005

String Algae & Barley

Today's Pond Q&A

In this Issue:

- Barley stray & String Algae

- Feeding during temperature fluctuations




I like in Florida (New Port Richey) and every Spring, I have a
string algae problem in my pond. I have used "barley straw" only
one small bale and it works great totally clearing up the
problem. This is a natural non-chemical way to clear up the

Thanks for all you do!




Hi Leslie,

I really do like the Algae Fix product (works great and safe for
fish), but if you want to try and get rid of that nasty string
algae, barley bales will sometimes do the trick, but not

Barley for algae control was discovered in over in England
hundreds of years ago. People noticed that small lakes that
happened to have barley bales thrown in had much less algae in
them and were much more clear.

The theory is that as the barley decays, it gives off a slow,
contant supply of hydrogen perixide (or similar) that oxidizes
the algae and kills it before it grows.

That being said, the downside of barley is that it takes 2-4
weeks to start decomposing, so it does not work immediately.
It's best to add in early Spring.

But thanks for the tip, many people do like and use barley bales
for algae control in their pond.

For more information, click below:

Barley Bales:
Algae Fix:


Question #2>

My water got to the stop feeding point, we had snow two weeks ago
then the temp went up to upper 60's water temp is up and down, do
i need to start feeding the koi again?

f sutton



No, I wouldn't feed the koi again unless you get over a week of
warmer weather (over 60 degrees), and even then - only a small
amount of wheat germ food. Fish have certain beneficial bacteria
in their intestinal tract that aids in digesing food, but at
colder temperatures these die off.

So just because the water temps rise for a short periond, doesn't
mean the fish can start digesting food immediately. So, be
careful with that.

Believe me, the fish have plenty of stored up fat from the summer
to survive a week without food.

Hope this helps,

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

Have you visited our other sites:

www.koi-cam.com (new)

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January 06, 2005

New Pond Products for 2005

Quick update -- here is just a partial list of NEW pond products we'll be carrying in 2005: http://www.macarthurwatergardens.com/new-pond-products-for-2005.htm

Be sure to check back often, as we'll be adding hundreds of new products soon!

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January 03, 2005

Pond Q&A 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

In this Issue:

- Pond pH & Muratic Acid

- Winter fish feeding

- New Announcements



I had problems with my pH when I finished building my pond as I
used Belgian Blocks (man-made tumblers) and the lime was
leaching. That was in September and I corrected it with muratic
acid. I live in northern Indiana and have a 13,000 gallon
pond....6'deep all the way around.

I use external pumps so I shut all systems down and put a pond
heater to keep the ice open. Well, I just tested my water and
the nitrates and ammonia are zero; however the pH is deep
blue...well beyond nine. Because I have no water moving in my
pond and I have 28 Koi that are 6-11" I'm afraid to add the
muratic acid.

My fish are dormant and have been for about a month and a half.
Should I put a sump pump in the bottom to circulate the water and
go ahead and add the acid?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Susan Bush



Hi Susan,

Yes, lime from blocks or cement will leach into the pond water
and cause artificially high pH - that's why we like and recommend
pond liners. Muratic acid will reduce the pH, but it will take
some time for the pH to stabilize unfortunately.. Also, be
careful not to alter the pH too rapidly, as fish are very
sensitive to changes in pH, and changing it from a pH of 8 to a
pH of 7 is actually a 10 fold change because the pH scale is

I don't recommend adding a pump to circulate the water because
your fish will be enjoying a slightly warmer temperature at the
bottom of the pond because your pond has different 'thermal
layers' and by circulating the water, you will be making it
colder for them at the bottom by mixing it with the colder
surface water. But you are doing the right thing by using a
de-icer to keep it from freezing over.

A pH of nine is not dangerouse in itself, and the fish can
usually adapt to a wide range of pH as long as it's a gradual
change. The biggest problem with high pH is that that any
Ammonia (fish waste) in the water is much more toxic to the fish
at higher pH. You may want to consider 'sealing' the pond
sometime in the Spring, if that's an option. But eventually, the
lime will leach out and everything will stabilize.

Hope this helps.


Question 2>

Hi Brett

I wonder if you can help me with a query.

Can you tell me when fish stop feeding in the winter.
I live in the UK and winter is setting in with snow and freezing
i stop the pond from freezing over with various
gadgets but am not sure when to stop feeding.
I have carp and goldfish in stock.

Thanks in advance.
Harry King


Answer 2>

Hi Harry,

You should not be feeding your fish in the winter, or whenever
the water drops below 50-55 degrees as the fish cannot digest
food well in colder tempperatures. For more on this topic, see
our Archive of previous pond articles here:

There are a couple articles about this there. Here is one in
particular: https://www.macarthurwatergardens.com/Newsletters/September2004/Cool-water-feeding-guide.shtml

You (and everyone else) can also read through our past 'Pond Q&A'
archves here: http://www.getresponse.com/archive/macarthurwatergardens

Happy New Year Everyone!

P.S. We're hard at work, adding lots of great new pond products
to our Spring line-up! You'll have hundreds of cool new items
to choose from this coming season -- so stay tuned!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

MacArthur Water Gardens
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