December 21, 2005

Winter pond cover?

My pond is 4 foot by 6 foot and is about two and a half feet deep. I have
three Koi fish that remain in the pond over winter. The pond gets direct
sun most of the day. For the winter I would like to know if covering the
pond with a screen to keep out debris would have the desired effect. Is
there such a screen that may be purchased? How would it stay in place
without falling into the pond? I am learning a lot from your
letters...Thank you!


There are a number of ways you can suspend a screen above the pond. One is to stretch the net over the pond and float something like beach balls on top to keep it off the water, or inner tubes (if you can find them anymore! Or did I just date myself?) Another way is to build a PVC frame out of straight pipes and corner angles, over which then can be stretched and tied the net. This is the best one and it can be pegged down beside the pond for sturdiness. You have to make sure it is framed in such a way that snow won't collapse it (not a flat top).
I also had great luck with a simple cover, not a net, using corrugated roofing material made from clear fiberglass, but it is seasonal so you probably will be very lucky to find any at this time of year. I laid a couple of these sheets of fiberglass material across my pond (when I had the 6' x 8' pond) and secured it with 4x4" lumber on each side and a lathe strip across both ends so the wind wouldn't pick it up.
Happy Pondkeeping!

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Posted by bfogle at December 21, 2005 02:25 PM