December 21, 2005

Should I clean the pond in Spring or Fall?

Hi there pond experts,
My question is do I clean my pond in the fall ( I live in Vegas) or wait until spring. I've talked to many people, and they're split about 50-50 on the spring or fall question. I've has my pond a year and have not had anything done to it. Also, is there a special fall (or spring) food I should be using now, it still gets pretty warm here in the day - 75 - 85. Thanks for your help.


To start with, I would like to see the pond clean all the time. Does it have any debris on the bottom now? If so, I would say not to wait until spring. If you have an Aquascape pond, you HAVE to clean it annually. But all ponds should be kept optimally clean.

In the fall, you could use MICROBE-LIFT/Autumn Winter Prep which will work in cooler water temperatures and the little water soluble packets contain cellulase enzymes to eliminate any leaf matter or other organic waste that is in the pond over the winter months. Most people do the real clean-up in spring, but consider what your fish are "sleeping" in over the winter months. I would prefer to see them in clean water while they are semi-dormant! Remember, parasites do not hibernate or go dormant. They remain active on the bottom in whatever grunge is in the pond and will feed on your fish while the fish sleep.

Judging by your temperatures now, I wouldn't say you need the cold weather foods yet, but Wheat Germ is what you should have on hand when-- if-- your water temperatures ever dip below 60F in Las Vegas. That is the same type food to begin feeding in the spring, after the water temps are consistently above 50F.

Happy Pondkeeping!

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