December 21, 2005

Freezing winters

Q.>i put a small pond in my garden last spring and when i had every thing right i purchased 12 young fish 4 shubunkins which my little girl calls chuppa chupps don't ask. 4 usual goldfish and 4 smaller goldfish with lots of black on them anyway i am a little worried that they might not make it through the winter ,see my pond is only 5ft by 4ft by just under 2ft deep in the deepest part .I live in the northwest of England and the winters aren't extremely bad so i am just wondering if there is anything i can do to give them a fighting chance i.e. put some sort of heater in with them or something like that i would hate to have to tell my little girl that her little chuppa chupp has turned from a lollypop into a lollyice. hope to hear from you this time


A.>I would definitely use a floating de-icer, which you can order through MacArthur Water Gardens website. I don't know how deep your frost line goes up there, but I have an 18" here, and anything that isn't deeper than 18" should be considered expendable. So, we either dig deeper and pray, or we use a de-icer (much easier and cheaper than a heater) and pray! Some sort of wind barrier will also help keep it a bit warmer.


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Posted by bfogle at December 21, 2005 02:23 PM