December 21, 2005

Algae problems

Q.>I have a 2,500 gal pond with two skimmers and a 4ft high biological filter waterfall. This was the 1st full summer since we put in the skimmers. We use to have our pumps at the bottom of our 4ft deep pond. We have some very large koi - many 15 years old. The problem is the water has turned florescent green about 2 months ago when one of the pumps needed to be replaced. We made the mistake of turning off both pumps and of course all the organic debris from the bio falls went right back into the pond. My husband cleaned out the biofalls filters (which of course looked clean since it all backflushed into the pond). We have been running both pumps but this florescent green is staying. We live in Nebraska and get some major weather fluctuations. Two weeks ago it was 75 degrees now it is 20 degrees. The florescent green as made for some really pretty ice formations this week!! I can not believe with the cold weather that the algae has remained. I'm sure we will have to just wait for spring but I was wondering if you have any idea why it is so persistent even in below freezing weather? Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Unfortunately, algae is one of those things considered "pests" and that simply means it survives and thrives when all else fails. It grows when we would like it to die, so we generally resort to all sort of means, but it goes on anyway.

Some things you can do, even in the snow, are to use (here I go again) Microbe-Lift Autumn Winter Prep, with the combination liquid and water soluble packets, which are made especially for extreme cold weather conditions and their sole purpose is to remove (biodegrade) organic waste matter in the pond, even under ice and snow. That may not remove the algae you are seeing now, but as it dies, it will biodegrade that too. Another thing is to get a UV light and add that to the pond for next season. Check the MacArthur Gardens website, and see what size would work for your pond. They will be the two best investments you can make.


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Posted by bfogle at December 21, 2005 02:22 PM