December 01, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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Hi Carolyn,

Your pond help is wonderful. I learn a great deal from reading
about other people's ponds and their issues. Knowing is always

I have a new 1,800-2,000 gallon pond, about 22" deep (to the
river stone at bottom). We currently have 2 Shubunkins, 4 Golden
Orfes, 7 comets and 2 Red-capped Orandas. I am thinking of adding
just 2 more Shubunkins and 2 more Orandas next spring and no

At this time of year, leaves are starting to fill the pond every
day. Not a problem to clean out but I am wondering about debris
on bottom. I can stir up lots of the leaves with a net and then
capture them for removal. However, is there any sort of
inexpensive pumping device that will bring up water and debris
and simply filter it through a porous bag of a sort and allow it
to be released back into the pond. This would easily help keep
the bottom clear.

By the way, the builder of the pond suggested that we keep it
running all winter (zone 6, central New Jersey). We have a 17'
stream leading from the falls, forking into 2 parts about 6 feet
before entering the pond in 2 places. I will be using a 1,250
watt floating heater (starting soon). He also suggested that
because the filter is at the bottom of the Savio SkimmerFilter,
it need not be removed during the winter even if it's turned off.
Any thoughts about this?

Thanks so much for the excellent advice.

Rich Wolfert
East Brunswick, New Jersey

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Hi, Richard,

I have used a bottom cleaner that attaches to the garden hose and
has a leaf bag attached to actually collect leaves. That would
probably do the job for you. It comes with a pole, a brush that
looks like a broom assembly, and the bag. You supply the hose.

The problem cleaning leaves off the bottom of a goldfish pond,
especially in the cold weather, is that we tend to throw out the
fish with the leaves, so be very careful when emptying the net or
bag. During summer when fish are warm and active they have no
problem getting away from us, but are easily collected with the
debris in the cold weather. Again, you should be using
Microbe-Lift/Autumn Winter Prep to help remove unwanted leftover
leaves that are still in the pond when winter really sets in.
But it's a 4-month regimen, so should be started now, especially
considering that you have rocks on the bottom to collect debris.

As for the filter, it should remain in water, either in the pond
or elsewhere. So, if you do turn it off, you can safely leave it
in the pond. By the way, the pond and stream all sound
wonderful. Would love to see pictures.




Hi, Carolyn,

Do pond vac really work? Can I expect to draw the bottom grunge
up with any of the choices out there?

As to the parasites and bacterium. I have already changed out
the water for the winter. I have a 4500 gallon pond. So if not
salt, is there another way to treat the pond?

- Mike



Hi, Mike,

If you have been able to clean the pond to some extent, you can
use potassium permanganate to exterminate existing parasites.
Then you can use LymnoZyme to maintain an Aeromonas &
Pseudomonas-free pond. I believe the regimen is a 6-week
application, but check the label. Potassium Permanganate is a
two-part treatment and what I particularly like is that if the
fish show any signs of stress when using it, all you have to do
is throw in some Hydrogen Peroxide (which practically everyone
has in their medicine closet) to reverse and neutralize the
effects instantly.

- Carolyn

Happy Pondkeeping!

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