November 20, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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Hi, Carolyn,

Could you please tell me how to get rid of that slimmy green
algae in my pond. I have a UV filter but I still get this

Thank you

- Paula
Andrews, S.C.

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Hi, Paula,

I kind of like that green velvet slime. It makes a pond
look natural, doesn't it? There are several different types
of algae, and all are there for a purpose. If you need to
get rid of the algae, you need to find something else to do
the job it is doing now. Namely, it is removing nitrates
from the water. So, if you were to add more plants, this
would help. Also, certain bacteria can keep nutrients to a




Thanks for sending me the questions and a
lot to read.

I do have one question they sell food specialy
formulated with antibiotics for the koi when they have some
problems? I do belive this will be a good idea to use it ,as
a profilactic mesure

I did have some dead koi because to my surprise I found some
koi with ulcers in the side ....and some with a kind of
white pimple. I treat them but the end they died.

I have about 150 koi about 30 are big , the rest medium size
and very small. My pond is 12,000 litres I have a uv filter
and tree regular filters I clean every day and two motors to
move the water.

I hope you anderstand my horrible enghish , I do speak

- Maria



Hi, Maria,

I think you have too many fish in your pond. Here is the
recommended stocking density. See how it measures up with
your pond: (1 US gallon is 3.8 litres)

One 8 Koi needs 50 gallons

One 16 Koi is equivalent to four 8 Koi and needs 200

One 24 Koi is equivalent to twelve 8 Koi and needs 600

And remember the 8 Koi this year will be 12-16 next year,
and so on!

You also asked about the medicated food. Yes, they sell
medicated food under the name of Romex. You should be
quarantining the sick koi, doing water changes in the pond,
and testing to find out what parasites might be opening
up sores in the fish.

The fish that have sores can be treated with iodine,
on the sore itself, and then put into quarantine to watch
how it does for the next few weeks. Salt might help at
this point too.

Make sure it is NON-IODIZED table salt, or kosher salt, or
sea salt. Add salt slowly, dissolved in water, over a
three day period, until you have a .3% solution in the
pond. This will begin to relieve the stress for the fish.

Good luck.

- Carolyn

Happy Pondkeeping!

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