November 11, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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I plan to build a larger pond and move my three koi. I've waited
late in the season to start, and may not have the new pond
finished until December or even January. I sit dangerous to the
fish to move them in cold weather. The old smaller pond did not
freeze solid last year, we are in Virginia, although it did
freeze over and the fish were inactive. Can I move them when
they are in their inactive, not eating phase of midwinter?

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It is not a problem to move the fish when they are inactive and
water is cold, however you have to be careful not to bring them
indoors. If you warm them, you need to keep them warm for the
rest of the winter because they won't acclimate again to winter
temperatures. In fact, koi farmers do their mud harvests in the
late fall so the fish will be sluggish and easier to catch
without any injuries.





My pond is not active yet so to speak. I am a new home owner
and the pond came with the house. This is my second year in the
house and sorry to say I lost my 3 boys (my fish). I did not
have a pond de-icer and could not find one anywhere.

I've emptied the pond and a couple of times but have yet to put
back the fish.



Hi, Erneska

I am sorry to hear about your loss! There are a few things you
can do if you cannot find a commercial de-icer: hot water can
keep a hole open in the pond, if you are able to do it on a
regular basis. Also, a lightbulb, even a 20-watt, suspended above
the water, and protected in a home-made floating box, will keep
the pond from completely freezing.

I also had success keeping the pond from freezing here in NY when
I had my 12" deep preformed pond by leaving a submersible pump to
circulate the water in such a way that it was always moving toward
the top. I also had covered the pond partially with corregated
vinyl sheets that I picked up at Home Depot for a song. I secured
these with two 4x4's on each side of the pond and nailed a small
piece of wood across in two places as a brace so the wind couldn't
pick it up and blow it away. Worked great. We have an 18" freeze
line here, so it did really good.

- Carolyn

Happy Pondkeeping!

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