October 30, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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Hi Carolyn,

I recently installed (2 weeks ago) a bead filter and a UV lamp.
My pond water is nice and clear now. However I seem to have a lot
of foam on the surface of the water now. I do have a waterfall.
What is causing that?

- Frank

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Hi, Frank,

Generally the foam on the top of the water is what we call DOC,
or dissolved organic carbons. In other words, something that is
in suspension, being dead organic matter, perhaps fish poop or
dead algae, and in the process of being absorbed by bacterium in
the pond. The UV has begun to kill the free-floating algae and
bacteria, both of which have substance that has to be eliminated

The bead filter will take a couple more weeks perhaps (now that
the weather is cooling down) to build up enough bacterial
colonization to "eat up" these organic carbons. Then you should
not be bothered with foam anymore. If it should be a problem
next season, there are foam fractionators that you might look
into that speed up the process while the bead filter is working
on other detritis in the pond.




Hi Carolyn,

This is my first year with my pond and I'm all ears listening to
professionals for advice ...

Which of these products is best for clarifying a pond all year
round ... Microbe-Lift PL or Aqua-One ... seems as though choice
of product is purely subjective depending on who you talk to ...

Aqua-One Pond Clarifier can be dispatched all year long to handle
all pond issues ...

Microbe-Lift products have different items suggested for
different times of the year (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, etc.)

Also ... can you recommend a good ... reasonably priced ....
"Pond Vacuum" for fall and spring cleanups ... would an all
purpose wet/dry vacuum do the same thing ...

Thanks for all your help ...

- Marty



Hi Marty,

Well, you happen to be asking someone who is very partial to
Microbe-Lift and I know that their PL product can be used
throughout the year in addition to the others.

Microbe-Lift PL has been called an "ecosystem in a bottle" in
that it is able to recreate the healthy self-supporting
environment for both plants and fauna. It takes a little while
to build up in the pond because it is a live bacteria, but once
it becomes established it keeps a balance of nutrients like no

The ML/PL is the only product that is grown IN the bottle rather
than grown and then bottled, so you get the full effect. The
Autumn/Winter Prep is a modified PL with cellulase enzyme
product in little packets to target any leaf matter through the
winter months, and is especially capable of functioning in cold
temperatures and without sunlight (under ice and snow). I really
do not believe any other product can compare.

As for the vacuum, there are quite a few to choose from. I use
to use one that attaches to the hose which met my needs before I
installed the bottom drain. Now I have no more need for
vacuuming. But MacArthur Water Gardens also sells one that is a
"pump-action" and doesn't require anything other than a little
manpower. You can go to the website to see what is available and
see what might meet your own needs. A clean pond is a healthy

- Carolyn

Happy Pondkeeping!

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