September 20, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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Hi Carolyn

For your information concerning a fish pond in Canada, where it
is really winter.

I live in Gatineau, Quebec and I have a pond which is 4 feet
deep at one end and 5 feet at the other. It is 28 foot long. I
keep my gold fish and my koi there all winter. A friend has a
similar pond and does the same. Keep the pump working, shooting
the water up, but cut the pipe one foot below the surface of the
water. It is going to freeze only if it goes below -30
Centigrade and it will clear when it gets a little warmer. You
can always melt it with hot water as soon as the temperature
climbs higher than -20 C. The pond is ready to be reactivated in
the first days of April. The ice is completely melted on the
first of April due to the current produced by the pump.

I winterize the pond at the end of October. I remove the UV and
the filter and set the pipe for the winter. I have a quick
disconect one foot deep in the water. Always use the swimming
pool type disconnect. They are white, you see them well in the
water and they are easy to operate by hand.

Thank you for your time.

- Normand Allard

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Thank you, Normand! I know that goldfish have been known to
freeze and come back to life although I don't know if this is the
exception or the rule with them, but I see you have taken the
precautions to safeguard the koi from that. I also see you have
plenty of wind protection (?) if the pond is not facing the
north, that is.

The idea of running the pump through the winter and cutting the
pipe one foot from the top is a great innovation to keep
circulation and gas exchange viable.

And thank you for the wonderful pictures! There is a lot for me
to learn about Canada! I am going to print this tip so others in
the north can use it to their advantage.

- Carolyn


Happy Pondkeeping!

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