September 13, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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I have a 1,000 gallon pond. I have several Koi in my pond and
they are doing fine. My question is next spring when I will be
cleaning the pond and was informed that all the small rocks in
the bottom of the pond should be removed since all they do is
gather muck. I was told this is a Aquascape system, and that
most pond builders recommend that small rocks not be placed in
the bottom of the pond.

I have a thick rubber lining, and I have large stones that would
fit nicely in the bottom of the pond forming some type of
decoration, and it would make it easier to vacuum out any muck
and sludge.

What is your advice as far as removing these small stones next

Thank You,

- Ed. Williams

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Hi, Ed,

I wish all my questions were this easy!

I say remove the stones, by all means. But don't replace them
with large ones. Leave the bottom uncluttered. That will make
cleaning even easier and you will be able to see dirt as it
collects. Even large rocks will collect some dirt around its
base. And no dirt is good dirt in a pond.

The Aquascape system works beautifully, but it relies on a
service person coming once a year to do the thorough cleaning.
I mean, to really blast the crud out of it, which is something
most homeowners are really not prepared to do on their own. In
about 18 months, if not done, the system would crash and there
would be a fish kill.

I know people who have this type of system and have invested in
heavy-duty power washers and holding tanks for their fish so
they can do the work themselves every spring. I guess you just
have to know which type of person you are. Are you the type
that wants to be up to their eyeballs in the pond or the type
that wants to come home from a days work and enjoy their pond?
Do you have the time and desire (and strength, which I have not)
to do all that work? Do you have the resources to hire someone
to do the work every spring?

If so, by all means leave the stones in the bottom of the pond.

- Carolyn


Happy Pondkeeping!

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