September 10, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Funniest Pond Stories - Part II

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Today's Pond Q&A

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You have really helped me out through my first summer with a

Now my question is I live in New Brunswick, Canada and my pond
is 6 x 10 x 18 in. deep fiberglass with a black liner inside,
should I drain it after I take my gold fish out or leave some
of the water inside?

Could gold fish survive with a heater?

Thanks you very much for all your help.

- Phyllis

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Hi, Phyllis,

Actually goldfish could survive if the heater keeps the water
from freezing, but if you have a blackout and lose power for a
few hours, that could cost you the fish. Suggestion? Take them
inside and don't worry about the pond.

If the sides are tapered (slanted out) the freezing water won't
break the fiberglass form, but if they are straight
(perpendicular), you should put tires or balls in it to absorb
the swell of the ice, should you leave any water in it.

Even if you empty it, can you be sure it will stay empty? With
normal precipitation it should fill to some extent. In New
York, where I live, I have an 18" frost line, therefore if my
pond is deeper than that fish can overwinter without worry of

I would bet your frost line is deeper than mine.

- Carolyn


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