September 08, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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Dear MWG, I've been told by koi breeders that MicrobeLift
calcium Montmorillonite clay is derived from sewage sludge
and is ineffective (termed "monkey dust").

Is this true?

Regards, Steve Hayden

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Hi, Steve-

Not true, Steve.

Healing clays have traditionally been used for internal
detoxification ( digestive system and liver ), trauma injuries,
skin conditions, organ and elimination system stimulation, and
localized immune system stimulation and support.

The name Montmorillonite comes from the valley in France where
this particular clay originated.

The value to the Koi has been proved in its healing powers to
the internal organ functioning and the white colors, texture and
overall health of the fish. It has a secondary benefit of being
a flocculent, and eliminating suspended matter from the water.
Thus you have healthier fish and cleaner water.

Healing clays are not just important to Koi, however, and are
used by humans in a vast array of homeopathic remedies,
cleansing masks, salves, even taken internally for good health.
The Montmorillonite Clay used in Microbe-Lift products provides
added minerals which help stimulate immunity against viruses
commonly found in pond environments and acts as a toxin binder
by neutralizing metabolic toxins.

I can assure you that it is not derived from sewage sludge and
can't imagine why a koi breeder would say such a thing. Most
breeders advocate for use of these clays under a variety of
names, such as Refresh, but they are made of the same basic
clay to do the same job.

In Japan, Koi are raised in clay ponds and are have the best
color and health you can get. We can only hope to imitate
it. You can obtain the research data from Ecological
Laboratories, Inc. in Cape Coral, Florida on the Microbe-Lift
products, and I assure you it is well prepared and very
beneficial for your koi.

Note: I have used this product in my own pond for many years
with great results. I make sure to throw a dose into the pond
a day before I am having guests to polish the water. The fish
are fed clay-dusted food at all times. My fish are never sick.
It speaks for itself. Seeing is believing.

Perhaps the breeder wanted you to buy his brand? Or someone's
pulling your leg.

- Carolyn


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