August 30, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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I have a pond that has collected a lot of settled dirt on the
bottom, however the water is crystal clear. Is there a way to
clean up the bottom dirt?

Kathy Bryan

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Hi, Kathy,

Yes, there is a Microbe Lift product that is specifically made to
remove the debris on the bottom, called Microbe Lift Sludge Away.
It will turn the pond dark brown initially and then clear up
again on its own, so don't worry. It may take a few applications
to clean it but that is the sole purpose of that product. The
beauty of it is that it is biodegradable so it will not harm you,
plants or fish.

- Carolyn



Hi Carolyn!

This is my third year of having a fish and aquatic
pond. The biofilter prevents the water from being green but I
have to clean the filters twice a week from algae clumps, etc. I
tried using Microbelift PL but it didn't seem to help keep the
sludge controlled and I even bought a water wych and the water is
not mountain stream clear.

Is it ok to combine algae fix and pond zyme to assist in keeping
the water clear enough to enjoy my fish or should I just use one
or the other? My pond is 220 gallons and I use a 300 gph pump
feeding into the biofilter. I also have a polyurethane water
fall with a 500 gph pump feeding into it. It seems to me that
this water fall may be the culprit in producing additional algae
and sludge. What do you think?

Thanks- Barb Luick



Hi Barb,

Before I use an algaecide I would use the barley straw extract or
pellets which are recommended to be used in conjunction with the
Microbe Lift PL. The barley straw produces "lignin", a naturally
occurring chemical that will inhibit the growth of algae while
the PL actually competes with algae for the nutrients it needs to
subsist in the pond. They are a "team" and best used together on
algae problems.

You also mentioned sludge. I don't know if you are speaking of a
sludge build-up on the bottom (in which case you should read the
message above) or are referring to the algae clumps. But I have
to mention a few things about algae here. First, there are
several main types of algae and although it is natural in a pond,
it is not harmful to fish. The single-celled free floating algae
is the one that causes the green water condition we call "pea
soup". The string algae can be easily removed, although
temporarily, (as it grows back readily) by using a stick and
wrapping it around like spaghetti on a fork. And the worst algae
is blanket-weed which is capable of actually choking out other
life forms in the pond.

Although you don't really describe blanket weed, if you feel it
exists in your pond you may still want to use the algaecide, but
should use it first, then wait three to four days before adding
the Microbe Lift PL and barley straw products. The algaecide
will kill the algae and interfere with the bacteria in the
Microbe Lift otherwise.

As for the waterfall, I don't see how it can be causing problems.
The more water flow, the less settlement as I see it. More than
likely it is the hot, hot weather and sun causing it. In a 200
gallon pond, I expect the water would heat up quickly during the
day. And if you feed the fish a few more pellets than they
really need, you have all the makings of algae bloom. The extra
water circulation is probably helping you keep the water clear.

- Carolyn


Happy Pondkeeping!

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