August 20, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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Hi Carolyn,

I have a little problem, you guess, with green water. I was build
new 10000 l (2650 gal) pond this spring, make a 600 l filter with
4 chamber, each 150 l. I was fill the water, put the water lily
in it and leave it all 7 days with filter and UV turn on. Water
was crystal clear. Then I was put my 8 small Koi (12-15 cm) in
the pond. Two months water was clear and I was happy because I
was get all that with pump of 2000 l/h and UV 9W.

Now I have problem with my water lily last two year ( the leafs
are very small and every leafs which going out is smaller and
smaller), I was decide to fertilize it with JBL Ferrotabs. And
that is it, another day water was started with green coloration.
After few day water was all green, but also after 30 days lilyís
wasnít have any progress, so what now?

I know that I must put bigger pump in my pond, about 6000 l/h and
UV about 25W, but is it possible that is all go wrong because

I must say that my koi are in good shape eat well, swimming well,
looks like they are much happier now when water is green?Ö

Marijan Mrljak
Croatia/ Europe

P.S: Iím sorry on my English grammar but I hope that youíll

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Well, Marijan, I must say your English is very good! I understand
you very well. And I do believe the fertilizer is the culprit!
Probably water changes will help relieve the situation with the
green water by removing some of the dissolved fertilizer, but the
poor lily apparently did not benefit from the good food you gave.

Do you have access to Pondtabbs Aquatic Plant Food? These are
large tablets of plant food that are ideal for use in potted
lilies in ponds. It is important to push them deep into the pot
away from the root stock so they don't dissolve into the water
and so you do not injure the roots.

The koi might be doing something to prevent good growth on the
lily. They are notorious for ruining plants in the pond. As for
the fish and green water, they love it and it doesn't harm them.
Maybe you would take the lily out of the pond and try to feed and
care for it in another tub until it gets larger leaves.

- Carolyn



Carolyn: I have a 3000 gal koi pond. I maintain water clarity
via a waterfall bio system and skimmer. My question is by
utilizing the bio method, can I also supplement it with a UV





Hi Mike,

I don't see why not. A UV light is an important item for a pond
and bio-filtration does not take its place. It, as the name
implies, is a sterilization unit, and the primary purpose is to
dispose of harmful bacteria.

- Carolyn


Happy Pondkeeping!

Posted by bfogle at August 20, 2005 12:03 PM