August 13, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

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I have a 5000 gallon pond and a UV filter plus a Aquabead 2.5
filter and a Wave Dragon 1/4 hp pump the pump is about 20 feet
from the skimmer, but the waterfall was not dropping a lot of
water so I connected the skimmer pump also to the 2" pipe and I
have more water going over the waterfall.

My question is the filters in the waterfall are getting very
dirty and I have to clean them every week and there is a lot of
poop or dirt in there I thought that the Aquabead filter would
clean all that out.

I do clean the Aquabead every week and it doesn't look to dirty
to me so I don't know if the dirt goes right pass the filter.

The pump sucks the water from the skimmer and pumps it through
the Aquabead filter back to the waterfall and the pond. What do
you think is wrong?

Thanks Bim

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What type filters do you have in your waterfall? The way I am
reading this it sounds like you have one pump, the Dragon, for
both the skimmer and the waterfall? Perhaps you need a second
pump for the waterfall. Where does the Dragon draw the water
from? Is there a bottom drain? Do you have a prefilter vortex
settling chamber before the Aquabead filter?

Generally the Aquabead will remove all the solids, smaller
particles, but you would like to have the larger particles out
of the water before it gets to the pump. If there is no settling
chamber, you will have more debris collecting in the Aquabead.

My guess is that there is too much of a load for the filter to
handle. How many fish do you keep in there and how much do you
feed them? Because all the equipment you mentioned is good. Does
your Aquabead come with an air blower? I found out after five
years I wasn't cleaning mine right, therefore my beads were so
clumped up the water was bypassing them, cleaning nothing, the
water was coming out clear and the pond was staying dirty.

Please get back to me. Maybe we can resolve this thing together.

- Carolyn



My name is Bill. I added an addition to my existing pond that
was 300 gals. It was one of those preformed plastic ponds.

Now I added another pond (3000gals) to it. I cut the plastic on
one side and added the liner from the large pond to it. I'm
using a submersible pump in the large pond at the lowest point
to a bead filter. I am not sure if i am getting the proper
filtration between both ponds. Is this possible?

I am turning the water over 1 1/2 times per hr. I am using a
3500 gal per hr. to the filter and another 3500 per hr to the
skimmer filter which both dump down my waterfall.

It seems like its taking a awful long time for the proper
ecosystem to start working. I can't even keep goldfish alive.
Never mind expensive koi.

Thanks, Bill.




Have you checked the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels??

I never heard of using a submersible pump to a bead filter
before. What type of bead filter are you using and what type of
submersible pump can pump 3500 gallons per hour?

Aside from all that, you should try using MicrobeLift to jump
start your Bubble Bead and the pond system.

There sounds like something radically wrong if goldfish are
dying in the pond. My guess is like you said, it is with the
filtration. It is important not to have "dead" areas in a pond,
where water can stagnate. There must be water flow in all areas
of the pond.

- Carolyn


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