July 28, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- UV Filtration

- Rocks in Ponds

- Planning Ahead

Question #1>


We live in Ontario, Canada and have an 1800 sq ft pond. I just
read in one of your answers regarding UV lights that they should
be placed after the filter.

We have a Tetra Pond brand UV and Filter (the filter is the kind
that you don't need to clean manually - just backflush). We
bought the items new last year and we were told to place the UV
before the filter - the UV kills the living particles in the
water, then when the water goes through the filter, the filter
cleans all the "dead" particles out and the clean and filtered
water then goes back into the pond.

My question is what way do you feel is the best set up? Last
year before we bought this system we had a terrible problem with
"pea soup" water and no matter what we did or how much money we
spent on products that were supposed to relieve the problem we
always ended up draining the pond etc. Now our water has never
looked better - we can see clear to the bottom.

I also found a unit that conditions the water before it goes
through a UV and therefore is supposed to enhance the ability of
UV sterilizers. It has magnetic fields inside that zap larger
particles in the water before the water goes through the UV.
Have you used any of these and what do you think?





Hi Connie,

I don't have a problem with the UV being set up in
front of the filter as much as I do with the submersible pump
feeding the system. The pump in this instance is "puree-ing" the
fish poop, making it that much harder for the filter to take it
out of your water. When you talk about "dead" particles, I am
assuming we are speaking of algae rather than fish waste. In
that case, yes, the dead algae cells should be eliminated by the
filter before re-entering the pond. But there is a whole lot
more to UV and filters than algae removal.

As long as your water is clear and you are happy with the
filtration, then it is working.

The key to healthy ponds and koi is good water quality, so
whatever will improve the water quality is going to be good.

I have heard of the water filters and think they are wonderful
but haven't had need for them myself. Check with your water
supplier to see what is in your water to find out if it is

- Carolyn Weise

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Question #2>

Can you put limestone rocks in the pond or will it kill my
fish....I have goldfish and koi....both of which are doing
great....just wanted to put something in there for my baby
goldfish to hide in.... and I was thinking about limestone
because it is a natural rock .....



I don't know if limestone will harm the fish, but I might
suggest plants would be a better choice for the babies to hide
in, and a more natural refuge.

- Carolyn Weise


Question #3>

Hi Carolyn;

I have a pond between 550 and 600 gallons. I currently have
a pondmaster submersible pump and filter. It pumps 500gallons
/hour. It does keep my pond clear but thinking of my less agile
years, when I am no longer able to bend over the edge of the pond
to get to the filter and pump for cleaning, I need to think about
an external filter and possibly pump, if mine won't work with the
external filter. I want something that is easy to maintain but
not tooo expensive.

Thank You,




Hi Lory,

The external pumps and filters can be quite costly and may be
more than your size pond needs.

I have seen people set their filters up outside the pond, or next
to their pond, in a separate "box-type" container with the
submersible pump feeding the filter in a place where they could
more easily access it. They had a line from the pump to the
filter and a line from the filter to the pond, just like any
other type filter. It was "in" the pond (in the ground next to
the pond) without being really in the pond.

Short of that, I suggest you look into one of the filters that
sit on the side of the pond. It would be easy to reach without
hanging into the pond.

- Carolyn

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