July 26, 2005

Today's Pond Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Beginner pond questions

- Rocks in the bottom of ponds?



Hi there
I have recently moved into a new home with a large pond. I am
therefore a beginer! Can you tell me what an ultra violet light
does and where it should be situated?

Also I have noticed several orange coloured specks in the water,
any idea what this is please?

I have some Koi and some goldfish - its a very big pond!


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The UV light is specifically to kill bacteria that would infect
your fish, but is more commonly used to kill the free-floating
algae in ponds.

It should be placed after the filter, where the water is
cleanest, before it reenters the pond. Mine is situated before
the waterfall. It is also important to have an UV light that is
big enough for the amount of water you are treating...

Do you know the dimensions of the pond? You can figure out the
gallons by measuring the length, the width and the depth of the
pond at its deepest point. Or perhaps the former owners can tell
you how many gallons are in the pond and save you some trouble.

As for the orange specks, I can't imagine what that could be
unless scales from a fish. If you can get them out and examine
them more closely you might be able to determine what they are.

Hope this helps..

- Carolyn Weise


Question #2>

Hi Folks,

We are in the process of digging out a 300 gallon pond that is
envisioned to have 12" wide plant shelves around the outside,
except under the waterfall, and to be 36" deep in the middle for
winter living of the various fish that are waiting to be put in
their new home.

The video that came with our pond kit indicates we are to place
large rocks on the shelves and put gravel on the bottom.

It seems that one of your E-mail letters indicated that putting
rocks in the pond is not good from the cleanliness standpoint.

Please confirm what's best to do...

Thanks very much.

Dick Smith



Hi Dick,

No, we do not advocate putting anything on the bottom of a koi
pond. It collects dirt and dirt is something you never want in
the pond.

The Aquascape ponds advocate pebble bottoms, but if you read
their manual (and I don't know if this is the type pond kit you
have) they also say to remove everything and blast the crud out
of it annually, which is something that is contraindicated in
developing a pond ecosystem.

You would want the beneficial bacteria and moss-like algae to
grow on the sides and bottom of the pond. They will keep the
pond healthy. If you have to power wash and remove all that
beneficial growth every year, what good have you accomplished?

At any rate, no rocks on the bottom of the pond. In fact, I
don't even recommend plant shelves if you are planning to keep
fish. Koi in particular will upturn any plants you try to put on
these shelves and the shelves become attractive to raccoons and
other predators visiting your pond.

- Carolyn Weise

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