June 13, 2005

Today's Pond !Q&A

Today's Pond Q&A

In this issue:

- Pond Water Changes

- Cats in Ponds


Question #1>

Why do I need water changes and how much should I change?



One thing too easily overlooked is water changes. Ten percent a
week is an adequate amount of water exchange for koi health.
First, let me explain about koi and water conditions. Different
types of pond have different requirements.

Koi require very clean water, crystal clear and ammonia-free. It
should also be nitrite- and nitrate-free. Considering the dirt
generated by koi during the warm weather months of active
feeding, this can be a very demanding proposition for a pond
keeper. In addition, koi require “new” water which contains
fresh minerals.

The Japanese call “old” water “stale” when the nutrients and
minerals have been used up. Koi need nutrition from the water
and the food we lovingly provide. In many cases, once all the
leaks are fixed and no more water loss is detected, owners think
they can now rest. No, now is the time to start doing water

[Be sure to use a good de-chlorinator when adding the new water
as the chlorine and chloramines that are added to kill bacteria
in our water, but are toxic to fish.]

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My neighbor complains that his cat might fall into my pond and
drown. How likely is this and how can I prevent it?



It is highly unlikely that a cat will drown in the pond. Cats
can swim if they fall in and have some way of climbing out. But
if you want to be on the safe side you can use the scarecrow or
low-voltage fencing to keep unwanted visitors from the pond when
you are not there. Check with your local authorities about legal
limits for ponds in your area because you don’t want any problems
with nervous neighbors.

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Happy Pondkeeping!

Carolyn Weiss
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