January 24, 2005

Koi Show Pictures Are Ready!


- Koi Show Pictures

- Koi Show Videos

- Catalog Announcement

- New Products for 2005


They're finally ready!

I've just uploaded the last of the koi show pictures, featuring a
dozen or so pictures of the best show koi South Florida has to

If you haven't been to a real koi show before, here's your chance
to see what you've been missing!

Click here to see the pictures on our website:

There's also a couple pictures of our booth, of myself, and my
beautiful new fiance Jennifer - who some of you may have had the
pleasure of speaking to if you've called us lately.

Now it's a family business..

As promised, I've also just uploaded over a dozen live streaming
videos, featuring some AMAZING fish.

I finally figured out how to get these videos to you in a format
that would play over the internet (by converting them to AVI
format using the Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec Version 1)

Yep - that's right. It's official. I'm just become the biggest
nerd on the planet.

But I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to experience and
enjoy these beautiful fish as I have..

To go directly to the videos page, please click here:

** Please note - these are large files, and may take a short time
to load, so please be patient. Plus, this email is going out to
over 6,000 of our readers, so if you can't get the videos to play
- just try again later. I'm just hoping we don't crash the

Again, here are the links:

Koi Show Pictures:

Koi Show Videos:




Many of you have received postcards from us, announcing our new
2005 catalog, and including a whopping 20% off coupon to use on
your first catalog order.

We're just finishing up the last of the details, and the catalog
should go to print in the next ten days. So, we're hoping to
mail these out by February 1st.

If you haven't yet signed up, and given us your mailing address -
please go here to register:




In case you missed this in a previous email, we're busy adding
hundreds of new items to our 2005 line up.

Great new things for your pond...

YOu can take a 'sneak peek' by clicking here:


Or here (by mfg):


That's all for now, enjoy the videos.

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

Posted by bfogle at January 24, 2005 06:04 PM