January 08, 2005

String Algae & Barley

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- Barley stray & String Algae

- Feeding during temperature fluctuations




I like in Florida (New Port Richey) and every Spring, I have a
string algae problem in my pond. I have used "barley straw" only
one small bale and it works great totally clearing up the
problem. This is a natural non-chemical way to clear up the

Thanks for all you do!




Hi Leslie,

I really do like the Algae Fix product (works great and safe for
fish), but if you want to try and get rid of that nasty string
algae, barley bales will sometimes do the trick, but not

Barley for algae control was discovered in over in England
hundreds of years ago. People noticed that small lakes that
happened to have barley bales thrown in had much less algae in
them and were much more clear.

The theory is that as the barley decays, it gives off a slow,
contant supply of hydrogen perixide (or similar) that oxidizes
the algae and kills it before it grows.

That being said, the downside of barley is that it takes 2-4
weeks to start decomposing, so it does not work immediately.
It's best to add in early Spring.

But thanks for the tip, many people do like and use barley bales
for algae control in their pond.

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Barley Bales:
Algae Fix:


Question #2>

My water got to the stop feeding point, we had snow two weeks ago
then the temp went up to upper 60's water temp is up and down, do
i need to start feeding the koi again?

f sutton



No, I wouldn't feed the koi again unless you get over a week of
warmer weather (over 60 degrees), and even then - only a small
amount of wheat germ food. Fish have certain beneficial bacteria
in their intestinal tract that aids in digesing food, but at
colder temperatures these die off.

So just because the water temps rise for a short periond, doesn't
mean the fish can start digesting food immediately. So, be
careful with that.

Believe me, the fish have plenty of stored up fat from the summer
to survive a week without food.

Hope this helps,

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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