December 07, 2004

Snow in Florida? Pet Dragonflies?

Snow in Florida? Pet Dragonflies?


- Ever heard of a 'friendly' Dragonfly?

- Snow in Florida? Not likely, but ...

Yesterday I had a unique experience with a strikingly beautiful
creature that I rescued from inside of a window inside my house.

Click here to see some great pictures of this amazing insect, and
how he stuck around to pose for the camera for close to 30


In other news, it's recently been reported that it's *SNOWING* at
MacArthur Water Gardens.

Now we all know that it would be like hell freezing over for us
to witness a snowflake made from mother nature down here in South
Florida, so it must be on our website!

Click here to check out our new 'Winterland' effect on our
website: (Let us know what you

That's about as much snow as I can handle.. The only salt I think
I'll be distributing this winter season will be in my POND, but
I'll be sure and think about all of our cold-weather readers
also. Every time I go outside in short that is ;=))

Hey, remember we had to deal with 4 hurricanes this summer, so
I'm allowed to poke a little fun. Then again, I'll take a
hurricane over a snowstorm anyday..

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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Posted by bfogle at December 7, 2004 07:28 AM