November 25, 2004

Here's the answer you've been waiting for...

Happy Thanksgiving!

And thanks to everybody who sent in their answers for last weeks
'Bead Filter Trivia' question -- I was surprised at how many
people knew it (or who were smart enough to do a little

In case you were wondering why we haven't emailed out the Pond
Q&A this past week -- it's because I took a much needed
mini-vacation to Las Vegas (to celebrate my 35th birthday!)

Since I'm usually up to my eyeballs in pond questions (and other
water garden related matters), this is a good time of year to
escape for some overdue R&R.

Now, don't ask me what's relaxing about a city that has more
flashing lights and shady characters than a Star Trek convention
(no offense to any trekkies), but it was still good to get

Ok, now on to our Bead Filter Trivia Question Answer (plus some
readers comments and questions!)

Here is last week's 'Bead Filter Trivia' question again:

Question: Who knows what University invented the first 'Bead
Filters' for use in commercial fish hatcheries?

Here is a reply from Denise Sezack who was just one of probably
ten readers who sent in her answer:

"Hi Brett,

Love the Q&A emails, thanks for taking the time to do them,
they're greatly appreciated and a lot of fun to read. As a
Penn State Master Gardener who is a pond nut I do a lot of
volunteer lecturing on pond care and I always recommend your
website. Hope you enjoyed your R&R. My guess for the answer
to the bead filter question is Louisiana State University??

Thanks again,

Denise Sezack


You are correct Denise!

Several people sent in the right answer (amazing, but true) and
will also be receiving a free copy of our water gardening ebook
Water Garden Secrets (a $37 Value)! Look for an email download
link soon.

The biological bead filter was invented at Louisiana State
University by Dr. Ronald Malone and his associates in the Civil
Engineering Aquatic Systems Laboratory. This technology was
designed to be an effective biological filter, as well as an
efficient mechanical or solids filter.

The unique design uses a unique gravity assisted backflush
sequence to flush out all the fish waste and organic debris,
BEFORE it has a chance to break down and pollute the water.
These funny looking filters are reliable and easy to use &
maintain. Great Job Dr. Malone!

Here's a picture of the original Bubble Bead design:

Now on to our questions...


I'm asvin.b from Mauritius (indian ocean) and i have a question
for you. I have a 1350 gallons pond in my yard and i had it for
over 3 years now.

Its summer time down here and my problem is with frogs. I have
been having problem with frogs ever since I had my pond. I had to
put up a chicken wire fence around my pond to stop them from
getting into my pond. well it work.

They normally come at night time and what I really hate about
them are the horrible noises they make. I have a lot of trouble
getting some sleep. it's a nightmare.. The fence stop the frogs
from getting inside my pond but they would still come over every
night, and making lot of noises and trying to get inside. what
should i do?





Hi Asvin,

Wow, another international reader! Well, I can definatly relate
to your problem. Not to long ago, I had a pretty big frog & toad
party going on out by my pond, that continued well into the
night. They would get so loud with their unusual symphony, that
I too had trouble falling asleep...

I remember one night, losing my patience - grabbing a flashlight
and an old FedEx box, then going on a commando mission at 4 AM
chasing and catching these little guys. I caught 12 or 13 frogs
and toads, in what seemed like less than 5 minutes... Then I
fired up the BBQ (only joking)...

AT this point, the box with all the frogs and toads in it had
taken on a life of it's own, and I had a hard time keeping it
from jumping out of my hands - so I walked down to the end of my
street and let them go. Granted, it wasn't that far for them to
find their way back - but the good news is they haven't!

So, try relocating as many of them as you can, and maybe they'll
take the hint and leave you alone.

For those of you who missed my frog and toad pictoral in last
month's issue of PondStuff!, here are the pages again:

That's all for now..

Enjoy your day off, and look for some possible specials tomorrow
(or even a SALE!) But I can't promise anything just yet..

Happy Pondkeeping,

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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