November 18, 2004

This pie-eyed sergeant is on duty 24/7

Here are some quick readers comments that just came in, and then
on the today's Pond Q&A...


"The same thing happened to me today.

For the first time, a large blue heron landed in my pond. I
immediately chased him off by letting my Irish Setter chase him
across the yard.

Then I came in and ordered the scarecrow you are always talking
about. Hope it gets here soon! The heron is sitting on my
neighbor's roof."



B.F.> Hi Gail. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, it's true...

The only thing more effective than The Scarecrow for scaring off
big ugly fish-eating birds is -- A BIG DOG! (Or a little one,
with a big heart...)

I with I had unleashed my 2 year old American Eskimo puppy
'Casper' on that big boney varmint when he tried to land in my
pond last week.

But all I could think of at the time was to run out there
screaming and clapping like a crack-crazed lunatic. But it
seemed to do the job (try that next time if your dog is asleep).

Your Scarecrow is on the way! We'll ship it right out pronto.

For Peace of Mind and Reliable Predator Control,
Check out The Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler
System for Ponds. Don't Lose Another Fish. Works
on Racoons & Herons, and is a great hangover cure.

"The Great White Egrets cleaned out my Koi ponds last fall. All
but two fish that is. This spring I found the head of my largest
Koi laying in the weeds near the edge of the pond. The fish were
replaced soon after with the WalMart variety. If I am going to
feed the predators of the neighborhood, they will at least be
eating low cost fish.

Reading about your Scare Crow I followed up with an order about
five month ago. This pie eyed sergeant has been on the job ever
since. I hear it go off from time to time during the summer when
the windows were open. It has faithfully chased away Raccoons,
and Egrets on several different raids. I am happy to report, I
have not lost a fish since he was put on the job.

Mr. Crow has also kept my dog from her morning swims. Which has
also allowed my dog to stay dry and the house clean.

Thanks for a great product"

Tom Gegenheimer


B.F.> Hi Tom,

Thanks for the story, that's great feedback. I haven't 'fired
mine up' yet, b/c I don't have the darn battery, but I'll get
around to it...

It's in the ground, all ready to go - and if nothing else, it
looks cool and is a great converstion piece for now.


"Interesting stories and usefull as well.

I may be interested in the product called Microbe Lift that you
mention. Is now a good time to apply it and how much should I use
to treat a 1400 gallon pond? I went to the web site but nothing
is said about how much to use, etc., only the price."


Ron Wasson


B.F.> Hi Ron,

The Microbe Lift works best in warmer weather, but can be used in
cooler temeratures like right now. For your size pond, a quart
of the PL or Autumn Prep should do it..

The instructions are on the box, and involve a larger initial
dose, followed by smaller 'maintentance' doses, but it really
does help to keep the pond clean and free of sludge, etc.

Here's the page for that:

Hope this helps.



I need to know if it is possible to transport my fish this time
of year safely and what is the best procedure. I live in the
northeast and the temp is in the 40`s and 50`s now.I may be
moving and i`m going to have to move them if i can. I have 7 KOI
and 30 to 40 goldfish of all varieties.


Hi Cindy,

Sure, it's actually best to move them when the water temperatures
are a little cooler as cooler water holds more oxygen and there
is less chance that they will suffocate in the bags, assuming
that's how you were going to move them.

The very best way, however, is to go ahead and rent a small
oxygen tank to fill your fish bags with pure oxygen. Fish will
use it up quickly, especially if many are in a bag - but you
really don't have to worry if there is pure oxygen in there.

Importers ship large KOI in bags barely big enough to hold water
in them with no problems using pure O2.

When re-acclimating, just float the bags in the new water for
10-15 minutes to equalize the temperature. Then slowly mix in
pond water for another 10-15 minutes (to equalize pH and other
water parameters) then let them swim out...



Greetings from the great state of TN. I purchased a home this
past spring and 'inherited' a pond that was in complete disarray.
Well, over the summer I was able to get my little 600 gal pond
going, have 1 koi and 2 really fat goldfish. Along with the pond
I also inherited a small pump with one of those small box like
submersible filter containers that you put the pump in along
with some bio balls and filter material. Well, this is just not
doing the job. I need something more powerful and efficient to
keep things in balance. I have always had a bad alge problem and
if I change the filter material (I don't mess with the bio balls)
because it gets really gross, my ammonia levels get really out of
kilter for several weeks. It really is a struggle to keep the
fish happy with this kind of system. What would you suggest? I
want a water bell for aeration and I also have a smaller pond
that sits higher than the main one and makes a little waterfall
and seems to be a nice home for frogs. I can't tell you how
large my pump is, but I think it is too small for the size of the
two ponds combined. I am kind of like 'Tim the Tool
Man'......more I am also thinking that I should
have an outside filter system that would possibly be partially
underground. Again, any suggestions? Of course all of this for
less than $100...big lol here :-) Kidding of course. Anxious
for your input. I enjoyed your website very much. Thank you for
your time, Regards, Cynthia Van Den Berge (new pondwoman)


B.F.> Yep... That's exactly how this one came in..

Folks, if you're going to send us an email question, please try
and be brief and not write your version of 'War and Peace' ;-)
My eyeballs are getting old as it is, and this one just makes me
want to fall out of my chair as I read it here at 12:30 AM.

But here goes...

Hope this helps, thanks for your compliments.

(See how concise my reply was, and how I used line breaks to make
it easy to follow?)



That's all for today.

Happy Pondkeeping!

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

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Posted by bfogle at November 18, 2004 05:58 AM