November 13, 2004

The weekend pond Q&A

Hi [[firstname]],

Here is this weekend's Pond Q&A, with several different pond
questions to ponder...

Pond Filters, Pumps, UV's and MOre...
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We have a blue heron visiting our yard. Wow, what an awesome
bird. Problem is he's having a great time eating at our pond. A
landscaper said his mom put out a fake heron in the pond and the
problem was over. Very territorial. I thought of you guys first
but don't see anything on your site.
Any suggestions?




Hi Greg,

We've covered this several times over the past few weeks, so you
may want to review previous Q&A posts here: or on our archives page here:

Yes, you can add a Heron decoy, which is usually very effective..
But we did have one customer report back that after one week, he
came out to find the Heron trying to mate with is decoy!

So, from what we've heard and tested - the Scarecrow is the best
solution. You can find out more about the Scarewcrow by clicking

Hope this helps..



Dear Bret

In regards to the Scarecrow, how can they be used during the
winter? I know if the hose has been left out accidently with the
water left on it will freeze. Is a special hose available or
does the scarecrow just have to be put away for the winter?
Besides a net is there anything that can be used as a deterrent
to the predators?




The scarecrow is probably not effective during winter, as the
water may freeze inside the hose and unit, as you mentioned.
Other than that, a net is probably your best bet during winter.
Just cover the pond completely, and wait for Spring...



I live were it gets very cold during the winter time and I was
wondering what to do with my waterfall box and skimmer box during
the winter months.Do I have to take out the pump in my skimmer
box,and the filters in both boxes.And should I drain the water
out of them.

Thanks Mike




As we've covered in recent Q&A replies, we do recommend removing
pumps and draining filters during winter. Yes, it's probably
best to remove your pump from your skimmer, and sane it on your
garage or in the house. The pumps will survive fine outside, but
it's just best to bring them in if possible..



I'm wondering if you can help me locate a possible hole in my
preformed pond. I have a plastic preformed pond and I fill it to
the top and in a couple days it's about 4 inches lower, can you
tell me how to locate a leak? It's only my 2nd year and it's
been a struggle to say the I'm just preparing to
take the pump out and purchase a water circulator in preparation
for winter...and this! I'm in Syracuse, NY and the snow has all
ready started to fly. Thanks for your help and the wonderful

Kathy Kirwan



Hi Kathy,

Sure, just fill it up and shut off your pump and observe. If the
water level still drops, then wait until it stops dropping and
check that water level for leaks. But 9 times out of 10, it's a
leak in the line from the pump to the waterfall. So if your
waterfall does not drop when the pump is off -- then this is your
problem and you need to check your lines...



Am going to buy a UV STERILIZERS but do I need anything else
to go with it.. such as a TetraPond Filter or Skimmer???? My pond
is really really green and am hoping a UV Sterilizer will help..
Am not sure on which kind of UV to buy..

My pond is about 6'x10' and 4'deep gradually gets
shallower.. I have a filter with bio-balls and I clean it but
this year I have a new algae growing or something.. So please
help.. Thank you for your time, Jody



Hi Jody,

UV sterilizers are great for clearing green water, but you really
do need an adequate filter also, for removing the dead algae

Do you know how many gallons your pond is? Here's how to
calculate it:

Pond Gallons = L x W x Avg Depth x 7.5 gallons per cubic foot...
So, if your pond is 6' x 10' x 4' deep, sloping shallower - then
let's call it 3' deep on average, so we get 6 x 10 x 3 x 7.5 =
1350 gallons.

So, you might want to consider an all inclusive filter / UV combo
like the Bioforce UVC filters. These can be buried up to the
lid, and have a built in UV sterilzer. click here for more info:

Hope this helps,

Brett Fogle
MacArthur Water Gardens

Posted by bfogle at November 13, 2004 06:40 AM

Hey Bret!

I appreciate your newletters and the sites. But I couldn't find how to post a question - I'm sere I'm overlooking something, but thouight I'd try this.

I tried the pico (sp) but got a BIG guy (14"). He has completely cleaned my pond sides and bottom. This time of year I only get about 2-3 hours of sun. I'm worried about him eating - the pond is only 6' dia & 2' deep - local pet shop talked me into algae wafers, DAMN I'm adding algae - paying for it too!!! :-)

I have a UV1 - should I disconnect the device? There are problems with the light and crystal cylinder when you only use it part time.


Posted by: Meggeler at November 14, 2004 02:51 AM


That's a big Pleco fish.. Yes, you'll need to feed him algae wafers if he gets too big and you don't have enough food for him..

Sure, you can disconned the UV in winter

Hope this helps


Posted by: Brett Fogle at November 18, 2004 06:05 AM